Abortion Workers Start To Panic – A Fear of Slammer Time

More revelations like those made about Kermit Gosnell and Douglas Karpen will soon come to light, because abortion workers are beginning to “panic” that participating in infanticide could land them in jail, according to a veteran pro-life activist….

Assistants and employees at abortion clinics who “have been involved in these things are starting to panic,” Crutcher said. “I know you’re going to see more and more of these people coming forward and…trying to make deals with prosecutors like some of those people in Pennsylvania probably wish they had.”

“One of the things that has gotten glossed over in the Gosnell situation is that not only did Gosnell get convicted of murder and he’s going to spend the rest of his life in jail, [but] eight of his employees got convicted of crimes,” Crutcher said. (Source)

In our sharing and caring age, where having “fear” of something is looked upon with derision and contempt, the use of the sword has been put out of fashion.

“Fear of the Lord” has negative connotations.

Punishing abortion through the law is also out of bounds.

But “Fear of the Lord” and a holy fear of punishment keeps savage humanity in check.  We like to think of ourselves as advanced creatures, but as Kermit Gosnell has amply demonstrated, we’re not that advanced.  In fact, we have a whole society which is barbaric and sexually depraved.  The law can and should be used to punish this perversity.  Yes, there it is, folks. I said it.  As society continues to unravel and go down the tubes, ask yourselves why that has happened from a functional perspective?  I’ll tell you why:  because there is no law to punish perverse and immoral acts.  When the law isn’t there, the anarchists just let the good times roll.

Having a healthy fear of something keeps us alive.  It’s part of our human nature.  Sure, it’s not the greatest of teachers. In fact, it’s at the bottom rung of the latter, but that’s where the great majority of humanity reside.  We are one rung away from the pit, and the law keeps us from stepping off that rung.  It’s not exactly a resounding tribute to our sophistication, but it’s the truth.

If you are an abortion worker, I think the time to get out is now.  If Kermit and his gang can go down, so can you once everyone figures out what Kermit does is essentially what your boss is doing.  And that makes you an accomplice to murder.  Time to get out while you still have time.  Because when the law comes back on the books, it’s going to be looking for a donkey to pin that tale on.  Do you want to be that donkey?  Let the abortionist take the hit.  Find another profession. Cross the line and join us.  Turn the abortionists in.  Make reparation for your past life and God will grant you mercy.  Stay on the titantic and you’ll go to jail, and if you refuse to repent of your past life, you’ll got to hell too,  where the worms that eat them do not die, and the fire is not quenched. (Mk 9:48)  How’s that for fear?

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