Abortion Thug Redford Getting Desperate

…But on the campaign trail last week, Alberta Premier Alison Redford said she no longer believes abortion is a matter of personal conscience.

True, for years, she was the justice minister of Alberta where that was the rule. But Redford is losing the Alberta election badly — a new poll put her 17 points behind the upstart Wildrose party, with just two weeks to the election —so she hit the panic button.

So, off the cuff, she told reporters that doctors should now be compelled to provide abortions on demand, even if they don’t believe in it. She styled it as an attack on the Wildrose party, whose platform supports freedom of conscience— like Redford herself did, until about fifteen minutes ago.

“I was very frightened to hear the discussion today,” said Redford, who bravely managed to overcome that fear during her four years in a government where that was the law. “I certainly respect people’s personal beliefs,” she said. Unless, of course, she happens to disagree with them.
“All of the unique families in this province have the opportunity to know that when they’re accessing services, they can trust those services can be provided. And when they take on professional responsibilities, I expect them to be able to meet those professional responsibilities.”
That’s buzz words and clichés and newspeak. What is a “unique family”? What is an “opportunity to know”? How does a unique family take on a professional responsibility?…(Source)

Pro-abortionists were never truly pro-choice. That was always subterfuge.  In their hearts, they’re all thugs as this desperate attempt at winning a rather small pool of fellow-thug-votes shows.

Just how the hell can this drama queen “respect people’s beliefs” when she holds the proverbial gun to their heads and tells them to crush that baby’s skull or else find another profession.  Yeah, like that’s a really great way of harnessing the professional abilities of doctors who are in short supply, eh?  Kick a large majority of them out of the profession!

Lady, are you mental or what? 

Is this the kind of Amazonian flake Alberta wants to have lead them?  The pro-aborts can’t win the debate, and since the pool of abortion doctors is drying up, they resort to using the power of the new phenomenon of the “Thug-State” to compel people to violate their conscience to murder

It’s all about being “true, north, strong, and free“, doncha ya’ know.  Freedom for me but not for thee.

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