Abortion Queen

Governor General, Michaëlle Jean, is the Queen’s representative here in Canada.  She represents the Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II.  As part of her largely ceremonial functions, the Governor General is responsible for attending events here at home as well as representing Canada abroad, and receiving ambassadors from other countries.  She also signs bills into law on behalf of the Queen.   That’s all part and parcel of a constitutional democracy of which Canada is a part.  Another function she fulfills is to award medals and other honours, like the Order of Canada, to worthy Canadians.   

As representative of the Queen, the Governor General’s first and foremost duty is to sustain the unity of the Canadian nation.  That is why her functions are essentially ceremonial in nature. She is supposed to highlight what Canadians have in common and what unites us.  Her role is to be a figurehead of unity for Canada and to avoid – at all costs – being a symbol of disunity and controversy (which would normally be reserved for the politicians who represent various constituencies across the country).  Unlike political parties, the Governor General’s role is to rise above the political differences its citizens hold to present a unified voice and face to the world on what Canada is about.

A former Governor General, Lord Dufferin, once said that his role was to be a “representative of all that is august, stable, and sedate in the country; incapable of partisanship, and lifted far above the atmosphere of fraction...”

And yet despite this clearly defined roll, Michaëlle Jean, our 27th Governor General, has arrogantly decided to change the roll she inherited from her predecessors from being a sign of unity and stability to one of disunity and controversy. Like so many other things that have been redefined in our nation over the past 40 years, Madam Jean wishes now to be known as a partisan representative of a particular constituency in Canada.

With her approval and support, Michaëlle Jean has elevated Henry Morgentaller, the notorious mass murderer, to the Order of Canada.  One can hardly imagine a more partisan or disunifying act that anyone – much less a Governor General – could perform.  With the stroke of her pen, Madam Jean has not only debased the Order of Canada, she has sullied the office of the Governor General as well.  Not only has she betrayed her vocation in creating friction in Canada, she did so in the most egregious and objectionable way by unconscionably honouring a notorious abortionist who has butchered tens of thousands of defenseless Canadian babies.

There are few Governor Generals that stand out.  They don’t stand out because they’re not supposed to.   That’s not their job.  If they do stand out, there’s something wrong.   Very few people know anything about what Governor Generals have done in the past, but no one will forget what this one has done in awarding the Arch Abortionist of Canada the highest civilian award.  It will leave a black mark against her name and the office she represents for a very long time to come.   Like the prime minister who appointed her to the post, she will be known for pandering to the sexual interest groups before being unceremoniously dumped.  Paul Martin will never be known for anything except being the Prime Minister lackey of the same-sex “marriage” lobby.   Likewise, Michaëlle Jean will never be known for anything other than sullying her office and the Order of Canada by assuming the dubious title, “Abortion Queen”.

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  1. I agree , but I expected more from a government that calls itself conservative . Michaelle Jean should see Dr.Bernard Nathanson’s film “Eclipse Of Reason”, then she would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that abortion is the killing of innocent living human beings who deserve our protection not capital punishment. Our judges and educators should know that todays science and technology proves that abortion is the murder of innocent living human beings. When will this holocaust end in Canada?

  2. This is a smart blog post that I enjoyed reading. There is something you should know, and that is, among the elite of this country something like abortion (which they euphemistically call “reproductive rights”) is NOT something controversial, and taking a public position in favour of the same is NOT judged as “divisive” because the status quo favours this position. There is really no political or social price to pay for supporting “reproductive” or “women’s rights.”

    I don’t know if you get my point.

  3. On the topic of this Governor General, I think it is also obvious that she was appointed because she is a woman from a so-called “equality-seeking group” to use their language.

  4. Letter To P.M. Harper pm@pm.gc.ca

    July 1, 2008.

    Dear Prime Minister:

    The Order of Canada is described on the Governor General’s website:

    “The Order of Canada is the centrepiece of Canada’s honours system and recognizes a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation.” ( http://www.gg.ca/honours/nat-ord/oc/index_e.asp )

    Today July 1, 2008 is Canada Day and it was announced today by the Governor General that notorious abortionist Henry Morgentaler was to receive The Order of Canada. When we first heard this, we thought, surely this is a sick joke, but alas it is true. If an abortionist’s work – killing the defenseless innocents – is described as a “…lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation,” then we are one sick and depraved country. But, what is even worse it has been reported that the committee was unanimous on awarding this award to this butcher of the innocents. We also understand that your government had appointed two of the members on this committee. It has also been reported that your government has no say in this award. Well excuse us for asking, if your government appointed two of the members to this infamous committee then you surely are a party to it, in our humble opinion.

    We also find it strange that you who are espoused for your “leadership and “accountability” surely must have known that this degradation to The Order of Canada was in the works. Did any of you in our “new conservative” government speak out on this matter? Or like political Pontius Pilates are you trying to wash your hands of any part in this demeaning and disgraceful award?

    In closing, Canada Day from now on will be known as the day an abortionist was given the nation’s highest award for killing the innocents. And politicians of all political stripes will be remembered for their role in this. Morgentaler carried out the killings but politicians did nothing to stop him or protect these little ones.

    Stephen J. Gray and Carol Gray

    Chilliwack, B.C.


    To see the atrocity that most politicians support go to: http://www.AbortionNo.org

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