Abortion on the ropes

According to this report from the Socialist Worker, the Left is soiling themselves as pro-life forces gain momentum in Britain.  Just like here in Canada, although the culture is crumbling all around us, there is this sense, this feeling that something is rising up from the collapsing culture of death to take its place.  The pro-aborts know that their time has come and gone.  They no longer represent mainstream opinion on the issue of abortion, and clearly the absolutist position they hold is not shared by most people. After all, we can all see the ultra sound and recognize that it’s a baby — except of course for the pro-abort zealots who remain willfully blind.  As the months and years go by, I predict you will see pro-aborts and their views less common and pushed back into the gutter and into the back alleys where they belong.  A civilized society which is open to the light of day does not murder its young and helpless and then try to absurdly justify it as some kind of distorted view of “freedom” or, even worse, a “human right”. “The fundamental right, the presupposition of every other right, is the right to life itself. Abortion, consequently, cannot be a human right — it is the very opposite.” Pope Benedict XVI

On Tuesday 20 May the first vote on abortion law in 18 years will take place in the House of Commons. Anti abortionists are using the Human Fertilisation and Embryology bill to table amendments that attack a woman’s right to choose – including cutting the legal time limit for abortion, imposing a compulsory “cooling off” period and counselling for women seeking abortion and removing the right of women who are carrying a foetus with severe disabilities to have access to abortion. We have just 12 days until the vote takes place. Pro-choice activists have to contact their MPs urgently to demand that they stand up for a woman’s right to choose. Labour has given a free vote to its MPs on abortion amendments, despite having official policy supporting abortion rights.  If your MP is pro choice already, organising a visit will give them support. If your MP is anti choice then they need to be confronted with big, loud and angry lobbies outside their surgeries this weekend and next. Trade unionists should bombard their sponsored MPs to insist on a pro-choice vote. Activists can organise stalls in city centres to campaign to defend abortion rights and raise awareness of the campaign. Emergency meetings can be called in workplaces and colleges and emergency motions can be passed to support abortion rights. Students can leaflet their halls and campuses. Everyone can write to their MP to demand they vote to defend abortion rights. On the day of the vote there will be a pro-choice lobby outside parliament – 5.30pm, Old Palace Yard, opposite St Stephens entrance to the House of Commons. Activists need to make sure this is as big as possible. The majority of trade unions support abortion rights – delegations of union members with banners should be there on the day. Student and community groups should mobilise their forces as well.  If any of the anti choice amendments are passed it will be a devastating blow for women’s rights in Britain. If the legal time limit is cut, it will primarily affect women in the most vulnerable situations – those who are very young and unable to face their pregnancy, those who mistake their pregnancy for the onset of the menopause, women with mental health problems and women suffering trauma after conceiving through rape. Any successful attack on abortion law will also encourage the anti choice lobby to try and implement more limits on women’s rights in the future.  A huge majority of people in Britain – 83 percent – support a woman’s right to choose. Now is the time to make that clear. (Socialist Worker)

I also saw this nugget as reported by LifeSiteNews.com. It only confirms in my mind that evil does not advance through massive public appeal but by a few people (or even one person himself) who can basically bulldoze his opinions through. When we lose our moral sense as a nation and refuse to sacrifice to ensure the common good and basic natural justice is sustained, people like Morgentaller get their way. 

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