Abortion liberates again

“Certainly not every abortion leads to domestic violence, nor is every case of domestic violence rooted in the trauma of a prior abortion. But it is not a coincidence that the rates of abortion and domestic violence have risen together during the last twenty-five years. The evidence supporting a correlation between abortion and violence between women and men, at least for some couples, is so compelling that it is beyond dispute.”

“Perhaps the two key elements related to post-abortion violence are (1) increased levels of irritability, anger, and rage, and (2) increased tendencies toward risk-taking, self-destructive, and suicidal behaviors,” Dr. Reardon wrote.

In an Elliot Institute study of 260 women, 53 percent stated that after their abortion “I started losing my temper more easily,” and 48 percent stated “I became more violent when angered.”

Dr. Reardon said that “self-hatred, hatred of the male, and hatred of men in general, were all significantly correlated to each other,” and that “this constellation of problems, an increased tendency toward violence, emotional detachment, and self-destructive behaviors, would appear to be exasperated by the study group’s dramatically increased rate of drug and alcohol abuse subsequent to abortion.”

In an eerie correlation with Mr. Kimel’s death, the research revealed, “Cycles of violence such as this are common. Studies of domestic abuse have found that women are substantially more likely to initiate violence then men, as confirmed even by the women studied. Because of their greater strength, however, the hitting done by men causes more damage. But researchers have also found that to offset this advantage of strength, women are more likely to resort to the use of household weapons, such as boiling water or knives.” (Source)

Live by the forceps, die by the knife. Men shouldn’t think that an abortion is the end of the story. 

One thought on “Abortion liberates again

  1. The courts seem to think that only men are capable of violence and when a woman makes the first blow, it wasn’t her fault. Judges have to start seeing the new reality; women are just as violent as men.

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