Abortion = leading cause of death in Canada, again

Statistics Canada has released its annual count of the leading causes of death in our country for 2007.  According to their list, cancer is once again the top cause of death, with almost 70,000 victims.  Heart disease is in second place with more than 50,000 deaths.  The numbers drop off significantly for the other causes.

May their souls rest in the arms of God.

Of course, in keeping with the politically correct orthodoxy, abortion is not on their list.

We know, from other statistical publications, that abortion kills about 100,000 babies each year, which easily eclipses cancer for the top spot.  Again.

This state of affairs has been going on for many years.  Unborn babies are becoming an endangered species.  The result, of course, is that our country (and the rest of the Western world) is gradually vanishing, by aborting and contracepting itself into oblivion.

Not exactly a future to look forward to.

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