Abortion is Dying in Canada

CBC’s Great Canadian Wish Contest is now over. At the time of this writing, the “Abolish Abortion” wish was ahead by over 1500 votes. The results of the first five wishes at 12:00am, Sun. July 1 were as follows:

Abolish Abortion in Canada

I wish that Canada would remain pro-choice

For a spiritual revival in our nation.

Restore the Traditional Definition of Marriage

I wish tuition fees would be either lowered or eliminated

Aside from the abortion issue, three of the top four wishes were social conservative ones. If Canada is such a socially liberal country, then why are three of the four top wishes so socially conservative? I thought marriage was also a “closed” and “settled” issue. It might be settled on Church Street in Toronto and in the offices of the CBC and other media outlets in this country, but the people who participated in the contest don’t think it is settled at all. And what about Canada being an officially secular country where the religion of Christianity is relegated to closet while the rainbow religion has official state recognition? I guess that idea also went up in smoke.

But back to the issue at hand and the Great Canadian Wish of abolishing abortion. Ooooo. That sounds so good to my ears. Say it out loud with me: “The Great Canadian Wish of Abolishing Abortion”. It soothes the soul, doesn’t it? Now, our opponents will claim that the “abolish abortion” wish won because of the “fringe element” in Canadian society that “hijacked” the contest, but it is most certainly, they assure us, not indicative of Canadian society’s attitude towards a woman’s “right to choose”.

Why is this response such a crock?

First of all, this is a contest, strictly speaking. In a contest of this sort, the most important factor is the organizational and networking abilities. If you can’t get the vote out, then you lose, even if you have more votes. That is the reality. You certainly do need the raw support, of course. But if you can’t deliver your alledged majority, all the whining and crying is not going to change the result.

Secondly, poor choice bloggers have taken solace in the fact that the pro-life side might have been better organized, they claim, but that we simply don’t have the support of the general “mainstream” Canadian public.

If you have a strong stomach and you happen to peruse some of the liberal blogs and the Wish’s discussion threads, cutting through all of the cursing and swearing and contempt, you will find that they are soiling themselves rather violently over losing the contest.

They are afraid. Very afraid.

They lost their first head-to-head competition against the pro-life side. And not only did they lose, they lost by a fairly wide margin. What does this tell us? It tells us that either we are better organized or that we really do reflect the will of the Canadian people. The latest poll by Environics in October 2006 shows a 54% majority of Canadians want to ban abortion after three months and 64% of Canadians – nearly two-thirds of the population – after six months.

So, to summarize thusfar, not only did the Poor Choicers get their butts whipped organizationally, they don’t even have the raw numbers to fall back on for consolation.

Poor, Poor, Choicers. The writing is on the wall, but they just can’t read.

Thirdly, there was not one massive organization or even a number of larger ones pulling in the pro-life vote. The pro-life vote was gathered through little groups and ministries across this country alerting members of the contest. Then, of course, there was the high school and university connection, but more on this a little later. Our victory was truly a grassroots effort, in the purest form of “grassroots action”.

Fourthly, there was no “hijack”. A hijack is illegally and unfairly imposing one’s views or beliefs on “a something” or someone else. There was nothing illegal or unfair about the pro-life win. CBC started a contest. Pro-lifers joined the contest. We expressed our wish that Canada stop the mass human genocide of unborn Canadians. We then mopped the floor with the death and dismemberment squad: We won the organizational battle. We won on votes. We won on the discussion threads. We won in the media.

We won.


Whenever we hear the left bleat and moan about such-and-such being “hijacked”, everyone else translates this into the normal language. What they really mean is “we were soundly defeated”.

Fifthly, as if it needs to be said, here’s a bit of advice to our opponents: calling us a “fringe” element doesn’t work anymore. Try something else, OK? It only makes you look rather foolish and out-of-touch with reality when you don’t give your opponent the respect that they’ve earned. Calling the pro-life constituency a “fringe” element of Canadian society is like calling the Anaheim Ducks a marginal hockey team. See that thing they’re hoisting over their heads? It’s called the Stanley Cup.

From the very beginning of this contest, we saw quite clearly that the pro-life side was consistent in its position. The wish stated “Abolish Abortion in Canada”. Period. Underlying this, of course, was the belief that life and personhood start at conception. From there, all things naturally follow. But the pro-abort side can never come to any resolution on the issue because they are all over the map on the question. They are a tower of babble when asked to answer the question of when abortion should be permissible. Some think only before 12 weeks. Others before viability. Others are fine with it up to the third trimester. Still others think it is acceptable to murder a baby right up to the moment before birth. And the more aggressive of these barbarians find no problem with infanticide 28 days after birth.

Even the pro-abort author on CBC’s wish, Kirsten Van Houten, seemed a bit confused about the current legal status of abortion in Canada when she wrote in her wish:

“In addition, given that a fetus is not considered to be a child until the second or third trimester there can be no claim that it’s murder. This is a forum who disagree with the alternative wish of making abortion illegal.”

Do the majority of the people who voted to “keep Canada pro-choice” share Ms. Van Houten’s views? We simply don’t know. That’s part of the problem with the pro-abort wish. If her wish was to keep abortion legal for the first trimester only (as she effectively implies), the numbers on the pro-abort side of the contest would drop off dramatically, if that wish were made more explicit. What are the chances of a CBC reporter asking that kind of question? Oh nevermind.

And what about the CBC? That’s another juicy side story in this competition. Last year, I talked to a woman who had had an abortion committed on her back in the early 70s. She is now part of the Silent No More campaign in Canada – a group of women who want other women to know the deep and tragic costs of abortion for women. She told me of a CBC documentary which aired in the early 70s that presented a very favourable view of abortion. That documentary was the catalyst for her in choosing abortion when she became pregnant. For forty years, the CBC has been largely responsible for propagating the cancerous social liberalism in Canada. It has shut out any voice which has sought to challenge the abortion god in this country. It has repeatedly attacked and maligned Christianity and the Canadian family.

The truth is that the CBC has rarely ever given the other side of the story on abortion. It is a virtual shill for the abortion lobby in this country. In its arrogance, however, it never dreamed that it would have to be reporting on an issue which it had thought was long dead and buried, but to save face and appear to be a legitimate news organization, it must go ahead and at least cover it’s own contest and the winner of it. And just to give you all a sense of proportion, compare the amount of time the CBC gives to the Kyoto gods and the 6th place that the environment placed in the contest versus the time it gives to abortion and Canadian’s “greatest wish”. I think that about says it all about where the CBC is in reflecting Canada’s priorities.

What eventual spin they put on the story is all but certain, I think. Still, as they say, hope springs eternal. We shall see what kind of coverage the pro-life side gets. We all know that the CBC will want to get “both sides of the story” – when it suits them, of course. Nevertheless, it is a great irony indeed that the broadcaster that was at the forefront in burying unborn children these past forty years might inadvertently be responsible for resurrecting their cause again. God indeed has a sense of humour.

And what about the participants of this contest? Who are they? They’re young. Really young. High school, university, and young adults, for the most part. In other words, it’s the kids of this country that are rising up to challenge the mass human genocide of our selfish, narcissistic and meaningless culture. The kids don’t want to rock anymore. They want to redeem and to restore and to rehabilitate the culture. They want to give genuine compassion and hope to a country that not only wants to kill its own children and future, but insists on propagating this murderous assault on countries around the world. In a form of twisted reproductive imperialism, Canada has become a brutal and murderous thug, an unwelcome bully that supports financial aid being withheld if poorer countries don’t buy into the abortion and contraception plan. If the social liberals want to complain that social conservatives don’t care enough about the poorer countries, perhaps it’s time they take the plank out of their own eyes. Extorting the poor through contraceptive and abortive imperialism is an exploitation too.

And what about the other side? What will be their legacy? For forty years, the image of the Left pushing abortion was seen as “progressive”, for “women’s rights”, and the rest of the “choice” euphemisms. But history does not render judgement in merely a few years, when the consequences of movements have not yet played out. But now that we are approaching 40 years, and the lethal consequences of abortion are now well known to everyone, history is opening her book and the judgement is one of conviction and indictment against abortion, its pimps, and its pushers:

Mass human genocide on an unprecedented scale.

That’s what the pro-abort side has supported and that is what history is going to judge, not some ficticious euphemism of “choice” that they’ve convinced themselves overrides the right to life. It’s time for them to turn away now and change their tune, otherwise they should be prepared to accept the full weight of history’s judgement for their brutal support for the violent aggression against humanity and the sanctity of human life.

Those who continue to insist on the barbarism of abortion should think twice now and carefully read the writing on the wall. They are bleeding numbers every day. They’re getting older. They’re not reproducing. They are dying. That is why abortion is dying.

But there is still work to do for the pro-life movement.

To date there is:

1) no protection for the unborn at all at any stage in this country. This is the most anarchical and backward abortion “law” in the world. It is open season on unborn children;

2) no acknowledgement of abortion being used as a weapon by men which would make it a real means of true mysoginist intimidation;

3) no acknowledgement by the political establishment of the established link between abortion and breast cancer;

4) no requirement to give women health information on the medical consequences of abortion;

5) no national media who is willing to give this question a fair presentation.

What will be the long term benefits of this Contest?

1) We have developed a formidable network through Facebook for the next of many future battles.

2) This represents the greatest pro-life victory this country has ever had. As such, it is a strong inspiration for us. It showed us that we are not the minority. And we can win in a scrap.

3) Since the pro-abort side didn’t win, it’s much worse for them then they could possibly imagine. Their demography is being aborted while ours is not. Do the math and extrapolate.

4) There are sure to be more initiatives and challenges by the pro-life community to the abortion situation in this country in the near future. I know of one personally that is going to blow the lid off of the abortion muzzle in this country. You’ll know it when it hits the media….and it will hit the media. Guaranteed.

Today, the pro-aborts and their mouthpiece, the CBC, got handed their arses on a plate. For an issue that has been pushed to the fringes for years, Canada’s No. 1 wish is to ban something that was considered nothing less than a sacrament. If you listen closely you can almost hear the pro-aborts’ grinding and gnashing of teeth.

Today, on Canada’s BIRTHday, this Canada Day is the most significant one ever. Canada is born again.

Vive le Canada.

So, in other words, the very author or the pro-abort wish, herself, seems to suggest that a fetus is considered to be “a child” in the second or third trimester. That is why she implicitly believes that a claim of murder is a legitimate point of view when an abortion is carried out in the second or third trimester. Yet, there are no laws in this country prohibiting this at all. And we know that it happens, by the laws of probability and distribution.

7 thoughts on “Abortion is Dying in Canada

  1. Great post! The good guys won, but what will CBC do? Cover it in the dead of night when we are all sleeping? Or make sure that the pro-aborts get more than their fair share of time because they came second? We shall see, but the people have spoken, and many of them are young, our next generation.

  2. “If Canada is such a socially liberal country, then why
    are three of the four top wishes so socially conservative?”
    Because the so-cons are a bunch of whining losers with nothing better to do than mobilize a few thousand people to engage in an empty debate on facebook?

  3. A “few thousand”. I see that the poor choicers still haven’t learned to count.

    And if it’s such an empty debate, why are we mopping the floor with you on the plethora of discussion threads on the subject?

    Be pro-abort all you want, but have the courtesy to raise your hand and admit that you do indeed live on planet earth.

    Reality is a very important thing to have when you engage someone. It prevents one from looking very foolish.

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