Abortion Industry Should Be On Trial With Gosnell

The reason Gosnell was able to run a “criminal enterprise” for 17 years is because the cretins in Pennsylvania state government decided they couldn’t risk the shrieking from pro-choicers if they insisted on tough inspections of clinics. So they stopped inspecting, which, as the Anchoress pointed out this morning, is likely why Gosnell felt safe keeping babies’ severed feet in jars as souvenirs like some Nazi degenerate at Buchenwald. No one was going to come knocking on his door or other clinics’ doors and he knew it, because the good people at Planned Parenthood, NARAL, et al. would have made too much trouble for the state if they had. (Source)

It’s not about women’s rights.   It’s about money.  It always has been. It always will be.  Otherwise, there would be no problem with basic health regulations, but every time there is a call for some basic standards, there is a shriek from the abortion industry and governments back down. Why?  I can guarantee you that if these standards didn’t cost any money, there would not a peep out of them.

It’s one of the questions the lemming activists in the pro-abort movement have to seriously ask themselves.  Maybe they should wake up and stop being the abortion industry’s useful idiots.

One thought on “Abortion Industry Should Be On Trial With Gosnell

  1. JMJ

    We give thanks to God for helping us to catch this fiend, so that the American public, the wishy washy American public, can see what their wishi washiness has wrought, and maybe think that there are other such houses of horror in the US. Now what needs to be done is to investigate WHO it was in the Pennsylvania Dept of Health and the Pennsylvania Dept of State who disregarded all of the warnings and complaints about Gosnell and why, and then take action to make sure nothing like this ever happens again, regardless of the abortion industry´s squawking. We pray.

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