Abortion clinic buckles under exorcism prayers

The video below shares a very uplifting story and illustrates the power of the prayer of priests. Four priests positioned themselves at the four corners of an abortion facility in Illinois and started praying a powerful prayer of exorcism.  Interesting stuff started to happen almost immediately.  Watching the video below.  Two key points to take away from this incident:

  1. The battle for life is mainly a spiritual battle.  Satan is front and centre in the Culture of Death.  As such, spiritual weapons must figure prominently in our arsenal through prayer and fasting.  But prayer should not be our only weapon.  Activism is important too.  Notice how the priests didn’t pray from the comfort of their home or their church.  They went on the sidewalk outside the abortuary and stood together with lay people carrying signs.
  2. Never underestimate the power of prayer, which derives its source from Almighty God Himself.  So keep praying!

40 Days for Life will be starting up again this fall throughout North America.  We’ll be doing it here in Ottawa at the Morgentaler abortuary at 65 Bank Street.  I’ll speak to John to see if we can’t get a “posse” of priests together for some exorcism prayers.  If you know a priest that might be interested, please speak to him first and then ask him to contact us at pacheco377@gmail.com.

In the meantime, God has blessed Ottawa with a great ministry called Helpers of God’s Precious Infants – Ottawa.  They’re always praying and counseling at the abortuary during its business hours.  If you’d like to sign up and unleash the power of prayer, please contact them.

Watch the video below.  Details of the story, with another video, can also be read here.

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