Plane of Abortion Chain Owner Crashes, Kills Family Members Outside Tomb of the Unborn

Family of Irving ‘Bud’ Feldkamp, Owner of the Nation’s Largest Privately Owned Abortion Chain, Dies in Montana Plane Crash

MEDIA ADVISORY, Mar. 24 /Christian Newswire/ — Some of you may have seen the major news story of the private plane that crashed into a Montana cemetery, killing 7 children and 7 adults.

But what the news sources fail to mention is that the Catholic Holy Cross Cemetery owned by Resurrection Cemetery Association in Butte – contains a memorial for local residents to pray the rosary, at the ‘Tomb of the Unborn’. This memorial, located a short distance west of the church, was erected as a dedication to all babies who have died because of abortion.

What else is the mainstream news not telling you? The family who died in the crash near the location of the abortion victim’s memorial, is the family of Irving ‘Bud’ Feldkamp, owner of the largest for-profit abortion chain in the nation.

Family Planning Associates was purchased four years ago by Irving Moore “Bud” Feldkamp III, owner of Allcare and Hospitality Dental Associates and CEO of Glen Helen Raceway Park in San Bernardino. The 17 California Family Planning clinics perform more abortions in the state than any other abortion provider – Planned Parenthood included – and they perform abortions through the first five months of pregnancy.

Although Feldkamp is not an abortionist, he reaps profits of blood money from the tens of thousands of babies that are killed through abortions performed every year at the clinics he owns. His business in the abortion industry was what enabled him to afford the private plane that was carrying his family to their week-long vacation at The Yellowstone Club, a millionaires-only ski resort.

The plane went down on Sunday, killing two of Feldkamp’s daughters, two sons-in-law and five grandchildren along with the pilot and four family friends. The plane, a single-engine turboprop flown by Bud Summerfield of Highland, crashed into the Catholic cemetery and burst into flames, only 500 ft. from its landing destination. All aboard were killed.

The cause of the crash is a mystery. The pilot, who was a former military flier who logged over 2,000 miles, gave no indication to air traffic controllers that the aircraft was experiencing difficulty when he asked to divert to an airport in Butte. Witnesses report that the plane suddenly nosedived toward the ground with no apparent signs of a struggle. There was neither a cockpit voice recorder nor a flight data recorder onboard, and no radar clues into the planes final moments because the Butte airport is not equipped with a radar facility. Some speculate that the crash was due to ice on the wings, but this particular plane model has been tested for icy weather and experts have stated that ice being the cause is unlikely.

In my time working for Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, I helped organize and conduct a weekly campaign where youth activists stood outside of Feldkamp’s mini-mansion in Redlands holding fetal development signs and raising community awareness regarding Feldkamp’s dealings in child murder for profit. Every Thursday afternoon we called upon Bud and his wife Pam to repent, seek God’s blessing and separate themselves from the practice of child killing.

We warned him, for his children’s sake, to wash his hands of the innocent blood he assisted in spilling because, as Scripture warns, if “you did not hate bloodshed, bloodshed will pursue you”. (Ezekiel 35:6)

A news source states that Bud Feldkamp visited the site of the crash with his wife and their two surviving children on Monday. As they stood near the twisted and charred debris talking with investigators, light snow fell on the tarps that covered the remains of their children.

I don’t want to turn this tragic event into some creepy spiritual ‘I told you so’ moment, but I think of the time spent outside of Feldkamp’s – Pam Feldkamp laughing at the fetal development signs, Bud Feldkamp trying not to make eye contact as he got into his car with a small child in tow – and I think of the haunting words, ‘Think of your children.’ I wonder if those words were haunting Feldkamp as well as he stood in the snow among the remains of loved ones, just feet from the ‘Tomb of the Unborn’?

I only hope and pray that in the face of this tragedy, Feldkamp recognizes his need for repentance and reformation. I pray that God will use this unfortunate catastrophe to soften the hearts of Bud and Pam and that they will draw close to the Lord and wash their hands of the blood of thousands of innocent children, each as precious and irreplaceable as their own.

“I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life, then.” (Deut. 30:19)

Gingi Edmonds is a freelance pro-life activist, writer and photographer based out of Hanford, California. Gingi writes a bi-monthly ProLife Opinion Column and is available for pro-life presentations and speaking engagements. Visit for more information.

10 thoughts on “Plane of Abortion Chain Owner Crashes, Kills Family Members Outside Tomb of the Unborn

  1. There is so much discussion over this. Anyone’s death is a tragedy – born/unborn, child/adult. It’s definitely newsworthy to find out the correlation between the background of the accident victims and the location of the accident. It’s almost something you would see in the movies. My heart does go out to the dead.
    Seattle DUI lawyer

  2. Hot flash from the newsroom OliviaB – it is not strange about the location – in a heavily Catholic area, EVERY cometary has those silly shrines.

    This is a tragedy that has nothing to do with the Doctor’s living. He lost his family in an accident. I’m sure psycotic’s like Gingi or old Joh “lets Threaten PZ Meyer’s Children ” Pacheco would have called the death of this man’s children justice if the plan had crashed into a lake or onto the runway.

    Culture of Life, celebrating the deaths of already born, live children so they can make a pitiful political point based on backward Bronze Age superstitions.

    John, I’m sure the Ottawa Police and the RCMP will be interested in you threatening someone’s children. How Christian of you.

  3. It is hard not to connect the dots in the face of this tragedy. Could it be that only Divine intervention could possible reach pro-abortionists who are deaf dumb and blind to all of the signs revealing the horror of abortion? All of the many leading abortionists’ testimonies have failed to make an impression on our politicians and abortion advocates. Perhaps this tragedy was destined to happen anyway but also perhaps the Divine intervention message was the point where the plane crashed. God speaks to us in many ways if we are prepared to listen and He gives us many opportunities to pay attention, in fact, “seventy times seven”.
    I will include this family in my prayers.
    Anne Smyth, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

  4. I believe God is a loving God. Could it be that only Divine intervention could possibly reach pro-abortionists who seem to be oblivious to all signs revealing the horror of abortion? Many leading abortionists’ testimonies have failed to make an impression on our politicians and abortion advocates. Perhaps this tragedy was “in the cards” but also perhaps the Divine message was the location of the crash. God speaks to us in many ways if we are prepared to listen and He gives us many opportunities to pay attention, in fact, “seventy times seven”.
    I will include this family in my prayers.

  5. Hey Mike, get yourself a grip. Ottawa Police? RCMP? For what? Posting a news article on the facts? Have you lost all sense of balance and proportion?

    No one is rejoicing in this. However, God brings good out of tragic circumstances.

  6. Pacheco, someone has died and you are laughing. So this is what the right has come to in Canada? Have you no freaking sense. Pro Life would mean being against the death penalty, which you are for, so you are not pro life you are anti abortion. Stop trying to pretend to be what you are not. Your nothing but a internet coward who if not for this computer, I would reported you to the Ottawa police.

  7. Dan. I want you to consider breathing and getting some oxygen to your brain before you post.

    No one is laughing and no I am not for the death penalty.

    As for reporting people to the police for merely reporting the news (never mind not even posting an opinion on it), you lefties are showing yourself for the fascist fools everyone knows you are.

    Grow up and argue sensibly or don’t argue at all. It takes up memory on my website.

  8. By the way, the only people who generally laugh when “someone has died”, Dan, are pro-aborts who mock pro-lifers for standing up for the unborn person.

    No charge for that education.

  9. you’re so full of s*** I don’t even know where to begin. You do not care about anybody beacause once that person is born you do not give a damn about them. And Facism is a right wing ideology, smart guy. F**** A****

  10. Dan,

    You are not in a position to judge me about who I care about or who I support. It’s pretty arrogant to presume that you do. Don’t you know the stats, guy? Conservatives give, on average, twice as much as liberals. So, right off the bat, before you know anything about me, you’re down 2-1. Not exactly great odds.

    And as for fascism being a right wing ideology, why don’t you crack open a history book and find out which Party Hitler belonged to.

    Thanks for your attention.

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