Abortion Caravan Running Over Abortion

From the Truckers….

I first want to thank you so much for your continued support of the  New Abortion Caravan and CCBR’s efforts to end abortion in Canada!    There has been so much good fruit that has come out of the Caravan so far in terms of people changing their minds about abortion, and men and women who have been brought to a deeper place of healing as  a result of seeing images of abortion and talking to our staff who they have said have given them hope for a life beyond the abortions  in their past. One of my favorite testimonies so far is of a man who saw our images at our street activism and later also saw our staff putting postcards in people’s mailboxes. He approached them and asked them what they were doing, to which our staff member responded,  ” I am putting postcards in people’s mailboxes that show them what abortion really is.” The man responded saying, ” Up until a couple days ago, I didn’t have an opinion on abortion. And then I saw some young people standing on street with images of abortion and I talked to them and realized that I need to have an opinion:  I now think abortion is wrong. Can I have some postcards to give to my friends?”

When the public starts handing out abortion post-cards, you know the end is near.

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