Abortion Caravan Rolling into Ottawa

Monday, July 2, 2012.7:30pm in UTC-06.. Greenbelt Baptist Church, 839 Shefford Rd, Ottawa, ON

The New Abortion Caravan is hitting the streets of Ottawa on the Canada Day weekend!! This will be the FINAL STOP of the New Abortion Caravan, so come on out and please advertise this far and wide!

TOUR PRESENTATION: Abortoin- How We Will End the Killing in our Lifetime

Come hear this free presentation by the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform’s Stephanie Gray and Jonathon Van Maren…. Having spoken internationally and had writings published internationally, respectively, these two engaging and young speakers promise to inspire you with hope that abortion will end. With the abortion crisis seemingly getting worse as society sees a move towards female-feticide and infanticide, what is the pro-life movement to do? Is it possible to transform the Culture of Death to a Culture of Life? Will hearts and minds be won for the pro-life cause?

What can you do in your everyday life to make a difference? Stephanie and Jonathon will answer these questions and give you practical tools to EndtheKilling in your community. Please come out, and bring friends!!

For more information about The New Abortion Caravan and CCBR, visit: http://www.unmaskingchoice.ca/caravan

For more information about CCBR’s other presentations in Ontario, please visit: http://www.unmaskingchoice.ca/caravan/events

If you have any questions please contact: email@ unmaskingchoice.ca or 403-668-0485See More

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