Abortion by any other name

Like all mothers, Sarah Capewell will never forget the first minutes she spent with her newborn baby.

She told her tiny son how much she loved him, gently kissed his face and took photos of him wrapped in the pretty blanket she’d bought for his birth.

Then she held him tightly in her arms and watched helplessly as his body grew cold and he finally stopped breathing. Sarah pleaded for help from hospital staff from the moment he was born, but none came.

Jayden died when he was just two hours old.

No help came because although mother and baby were surrounded by nurses and empty incubators, doctors had already decided her son would not be saved – not based on observation and assessment, but because under current guidelines paediatricians treat only babies born after 22 weeks gestation.

And he was born 48 hours before that threshold.

As Sarah was told when her waters broke one Wednesday last October, if she held out until the Sunday they would save her baby.

Jayden was born on the Friday – so paediatricians refused not only to treat him, but, shockingly, even to see him.

‘When he was born breathing and moving, I begged the midwife to go and fetch the doctors,’ says Sarah. ‘I couldn’t believe they’d be so callous as to leave him. But she returned from the critical care unit sobbing and shaking her head.’

It made no difference to doctors that her son was breathing unaided, waving his tiny fists around as he fought on alone for two hours.

According to medical guidance he was simply a miscarriage – a foetus – so he must be left to die…. (Source)

The pro-aborts are finished.  The victim card is starting to move back to where it belongs.

What a bunch of barbarians they’ve become.  I hope they like wearing it because that label is going to stick for a very, very long time.

Justice for Baby Jayden!

4 thoughts on “Abortion by any other name

  1. Canada and the west have gone through a paradigm shift from Christianity to Darwinian Humanist Atheism. This has been done through the education establishments. Study the Humanist Manifesto to see how the Father Of Western Education John Dewey and friends accomplished this. They call themselves “religious Humanists”. Why do you think Henry Morgentalert, past president of the Humanist Association of Canada has been honored by so many universities and has thr Order Of CANADA ? This mistaken view of what final reality is leaves no room for meaning, porpose, or values in the universe, and it gives no base for law. This religion of Humanism, brings forth its natural results in ALL fields, and these results are the opposite of the natural results of the final reality being the personal GOD.

  2. We have got to take our country back and the only way I see in doing this is by our country choosing the Christian worldview over the Religion Of Darwinian Humanist Atheism. This isn’t going to be easy as Atheism is established by government and court decree through our schools as the State Religion and thus to almost everyone. We ought to elect politicians who see what this material, chance concept of reality is doing to Canada, and pass profamily and health Bills into Law in Parliament and our Legislatures.

  3. John study the Communist Manifesto 1848, The Humanist Manafesto 1-1933, The Humanist Manifesto 11-1973 and the Public Health Agency of Canada HIV and AIDS in Canada Surveillance Report April 2006 page 60, and we will all see how sane and intelligent you are John.

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