Abortion advocates shout down national anthem and vandalize as New Abortion Caravan kicks off

Story here and here.

This is all about normalization of being pro-life and the denormalization of abortion. Once we can reclaim the normalization turf, the abortion game will shift dramatically.  But there is no free lunch in getting there.  Public figures like this tenor might have to pay the price for this normalization…but there is no other way around it.  We must stand up and not fear any backlash.  And if we have to suffer, so be it. Amen.  For God’s greater glory and the emancipation of the Unborn Child, we have no choice. We must stand firm. Be courageous. And Fight. 

No victory of any substance in any war was ever fought by cowards or without casualties.

Socon or Bust and its readers are proud to be sponsoring two young women from this abortion caravan.  My family is also putting two of them up in my home when they come to Ottawa AND we’re making lots of lunches for the group.

So, folks, what are you doing to support them?

Remember what Michael Voris said when he was here in Ottawa:  Cowards are the first people you meet in Hell.

You can’t really love God if you do not do everything within your power to fight against the insidious nature of abortion. 

For our generation in this time and place, that is the first litmus test question when we face God because that is the synthesis of the Gospel in our time.  Don’t kid or deceive yourself.

And pray for the Bishops because of all the groups with a shocked horror at their eternal fate, they’re first in line, because of their lack of action and witness on this issue.

One thought on “Abortion advocates shout down national anthem and vandalize as New Abortion Caravan kicks off

  1. What kind of people vote for Political Parties,and politicians with rotten policies who pass evil Bills into Canadian Law, and then normalize them to innocent impressionable Canadian schoolchildren as a human right, and a social justice? What kind of people normalize the love without meaning of Kinsey Sex Education,and murder of innocent children in the warmth of their mothers wombs of Abortion, to schoolchildren from Kindergarten? What king of society does this produce?

    After The Second World War, The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal Indicted 10 Nazi Leaders for, Encouraging and Compelling Abortions,a crime against humanity. The Nazi Supreme Court, and Government Passed over 400 Laws legalizing their Crimes Against Humanity. At The Trials The Nazi Leaders said We Did Not Do Anything Wrong Or Break The Law. Technically they were right because Their Government and Supreme Court passed Laws legalizing their Crimes Against Humanity. Does their excuse sound familiar Pro-Abortion Canada?
    Trials of War Criminals, Nuremberg Military Tribunal, Washington, DC: USGPO, Volume IV,Page 610.

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