Abortion: A political incremental approach

Here is a list of 5 areas which are easy winners for any political party which promotes them.

Inset: A 24 week old unborn child. No protection for him from the barbarians of our age.

At about 24 weeks, after retinal development is complete, babies open and close their eyes intermittently. This helps a baby to perfect the blinking reflex, which will protect his eyes once he’s born. (Source)

1. Informed Consent – An informed consent law so that women have all the information about the health consequences of abortion to both themselves and the child. Yes, call me a radical, but all women (and men for that matter) should have their eyes wide open before they make the poor choice called abortion. If it’s really a choice, then everyone should have all of the information presented to them — not just the “Feminist’s Guide to Sex and then Abortion with absolutely no consequences – trust us!” mantra that has been the only official literature available to us thusfar. Abortion is a defeat for humanity and the greatest destoyer of peace and respect for human life. If we insist on flushing ourselves down the toilet, we should make sure we do it with full and complete knowledge.

2. Health Assistance – A federally funded medical and psychological assistance program made available to women who have undergone an abortion. Source of funding, you ask? The Pig, of course. SOW’s millions of dollars in funding it receives in federal “Conservative” funding and other ludicrous make work feminist projects. It’s time to direct this dead money into something useful — like actually helping women cope for the choice foisted upon them by deadbeat boyfriend number 8.

3. Statistical Disclosure – Full and complete disclosure of abortion related statistics (age of fetus, mother’s age, circumstances of the abortion, etc.) to help formulate public policy to reduce the occurrences of unwanted pregnancies. We want to know how many nine month old babies are being butchered in the womb and the conditions which led to it. A couple of dozen or 200? We don’t know. All we know is that the barbarians have kept us in the dark for far too long on their practices. Time to shed some light on what’s really going on. It’s not just the homosexuals
who need to come out of the closet.

4. Private Members’ Bills – Complete freedom of MPs to bring forward private members bills on moral and social issues. We need to be free of Harper’s muzzle! Right now, the Conservative Party is the best thing that could happen to Henry Morgentaller’s vision for Canada. Even the Liberal Party isn’t as left on this issue. What a national disgrace the CPC is on this issue. They are nothing more than the lapdogs of the pro-abort left and have thrown out any kind of common sense on this issue along with their respect for democracy.

5. National Public Debate – In light of Canada’s (and the West’s) demographic crisis and imminent death watch, a national debate should be hosted by the nation’s public broadcaster on the consequences of abortion on Canada. Oh, I know, it’s a revolutionary thought. Can you imagine the CBC being a forum for REAL public debate? What a gas that would be. Imagine the ratings such a program would get!

These are all modest proposals that are easily supported by the vast majority of Canadians who have consistently shown that they want some restriction on abortion. None of the above proposals ban or even restrict abortion at all. They simply insist that full disclosure, debate, and post abortion services are made available to Canadian women.

One thought on “Abortion: A political incremental approach

  1. This is a good post. Very balanced, and thoughtful. I am edified in reading this. These five suggestions would be instrumental in seriously reducing the number of Abortions in Canada, or at least improving the situations of those who feel that abortions are a necessary evil.

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