Aborting Women

I was originally going to write a rather critical post on abortion to mark the 20th anniversary of the Morgentaller decision and the political eunuchs who refuse to enact an abortion law in this country, despite the majority of Canadians who want some protection for the unborn. Instead, I will simply point my readers to a piece that I wrote some time ago here.  Last week, I also wrote my own abortion confession.

And here is the video I released last week as well:Instead of the usual condemnations to those responsible for the legal, political, and social protection of abortion, I want to say something to the women who have had abortions:

Don’t be afraid to ask for forgiveness.

There is no sin so heinous that God cannot forgive and bring you healing. He loves you and he wants you back. Abortion is wrong, very wrong. But we know that the individual circumstances surrounding it are very complex, with coercion from affected parties usually playing a significant role.

I remember a few years back, a young woman at my place of employment came to me and related to me her life story. Her mother could not take care of her and basically abandoned her to the State. She was jostled about in our children’s “aid” system being thrown here and there with various foster families. One of these foster families’ “foster father” raped her at 16. The State then made arrangements for her to have an abortion. She told me it had ripped her up inside to know that she had killed her child. But she had never had the opportunity to talk about it with anyone until the day she spoke with me.

There is a hidden and crushing silence of abortion in this country. It is the great unspeakable crime that we dare not discuss. We are afraid of facing the reality of what abortion is and what it has done to women. We don’t want to confront it because it is protected by the euphemism of “choice” – as in, “it was your choice, bitch, now live with it”.

The pro-life movement must continue to offer forgiveness, healing, and understanding to women who have had abortions. It’s important to stess to these women the dignity that they still have. The vast majority of women who have undergone an abortion suffer an intolerable silent pain from a culture which doesn’t want to hear about the cross they carry every day. We must be there to listen, to learn, and to love.

We must also be there to remind them of their personal dignity and what repentance and healing can offer them.

My dear sister, God is waiting for you. Simply say yes and come back. Grace and love await you. God will never abandon you.

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