Aborted baby cries before cremation

Lord have mercy on us.

Don’t despair, folks.  Just redouble your efforts of prayer, penance and activism.

By Wang Xiang  |   2010-5-14  |   NEWSPAPER EDITION

AN aborted baby declared dead by doctors in south China’s Guangdong Province cried before he was due to be cremated, but died hours later as doctors refused to treat him.

A mortuary worker at Nanhai Funeral Home in Foshan City said the baby cried and scared him as he was about to throw the coffin into a furnace, Information Times reported today.

He opened the box and found the seven-month fetus moving, but apparently choking on some cotton wool in his mouth, the report said.

After the worker cleared his mouth, the baby yawned and breathed peacefully. Workers rushed him back to Guanyao Hospital which delivered the baby as medical waste earlier that day.

But doctors left him in the lobby, and confirmed after an hour that the baby died.

The vice head of the funeral house said Guanyao Hospital sent many aborted fetuses or still-born babies for cremation. This baby apparently survived an abortion at seven months, and he had videos to prove the baby was still alive before the cremation.

Hospital official Liu Sanhong said its staff checked the baby for an hour and made sure it was dead. Liu did not say whether the doctors tried to save the baby or not.

The body was later sent back to the funeral house. The report said all workers were ordered not to talk about the incident.

On March 31, at least 21 fetuses and dead babies were found dumped in a river in east China’s Jining City.

Eight had tabs with clinic code numbers attached to their feet. The Affiliated Hospital of Jining Medical University responsible for the corpses said they were “medical waste.”

Two hospital staffers have been detained while the director and deputy director of the hospital’s logistics department were sacked. A vice president of the hospital was suspended. (Source)

3 thoughts on “Aborted baby cries before cremation

  1. They too teach in their education establishments love without meaning and murder without guilt too. Just like Canada teaches love without meaning and abortion without guilt. Natural Selection by killing the most vulnerable who deserve a societies protection not capital punishment Canada. Canadians are conditioned to be Darwinists in our schools. The Communist Manifesto 1848 and The Wests Humanist Manifesto 1 1933, Humanist Manifesto 2 1973, are the causes of today’s increasingly broken and inhuman world. With the advances in science and technology that prove the unborn baby is a living, and growing human being that deserves protection. Our politicians ought to be held accountable for passing bad Bills into Law and reopen the abortion debate. Then our universities and courts ought to be held accountable for brainwashing the public by court enforcement and government decree to kill their unborn babies if the parents want to.
    In a democracy the citizens have the responsibility to shape the character of their civilization. Politics is overwhelmingly important as the politicians you elect pass Bills into Law in our Legislatures and Parliament. Praying and then electing the villians is sin.

  2. It is very sick and depraved that this atrocity is happening in a dictatorship. But hey, this abominable baby killing is also happening in our “democracies” today. And most of our so-called political leaders are in favour of the “choice” to kill by abortion. And some even state they will not allow any law or vote to come to pass on this heinous crime.

  3. The cities are overpopulated while American ghost towns are increasing at epidemic rates. Most are “trapped” in mass with no means to acquire the “fields of food” the “corporate farmland”, now growing GMO, owns. 20,000 (moderate estimate) abortions per day worldwide. PER DAY!! Some get to take the baby home in a jar; some rest in cradles of filfth-landfills; some go to Bill Gates research labs; some fed to pigs; some used in cosmetics; some used in cuisine for underground eateries; some used in vaccines (especially in America!…Got Autsim?); some are dumped out at sea.
    Mental illness results in those involved with this subhuman atrocity….from our Prez to Clinton, to Senate/Congress, state, city. These are the mentally infirm and hard steel cold hearted reptilian force. Not only is the act of abortion so incredibly heinous, but the deception, lies and non-informed consent is equally brutal. All this is meant to bludgeon the soul, the human spirit. These are the miserable, despicable, vile, eternally damned.
    Lord Have Mercy!!

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