ABC Shilling for Obama

New York, NY ( — After rejecting a radio commercial exposing Barack Obama’s pro-abortion position, the ABC network has rejected a second ad. This one, sponsored by the Caring Outreach, has nothing to do with politics but is a 30-second television ad that features information on fetal development.The group put together an ad entitled 85 Days that depicts intrauterine photos of an unborn baby in the first months of life.

The group tells that the ad was slated to air on the Oprah program this month, but it has yet to appear during the program.

Jean Synovic, a representative of the Caring Outreach, tells that ABC, without citing any scientific or medical sources, claimed that the images used in the commercial were not that of an unborn child at 85 days gestation, as the ad states.

Synovic says her group directed ABC officials to medical documentation that verifies the accuracy of the images and informed the network that the ad was aired on three other ABC affiliates in Wisconsin and Maine.

“The ad was rejected by the Vice President, Law and Regulation for ABC, Inc. in New York,” she explained. “The decision to pull the ad was made, even though the same commercial has been airing for months on ABC affiliates in other markets.”

Synovic says her group has requested a fairness check to make sure that the “accuracy” of those commercials meet the same standards to which ABC holds other commercials.

If the analysis comes back in the group’s favor, she says the group will consider suing the network.

However, Synovic says ABC is making that process difficult.

“ABC has refused to supply approved commercials running within the Oprah program so that a fairness check can be conducted to see if a different standard is being applied to keep this pro-life commercial off the air,” she said. contacted ABC for comment and has yet to receive a response.

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