A Whole Different Style of Pastoral Ministry

Archbishop Donald Wuerl goes on record: he will take no action to prevent Nancy Pelosi from receiving Communion despite her obstinate support of abortion and same-sex marriageArchbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C., who has come under fire for failing to speak out against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s attendance Jan. 3 at a Mass at her alma mater, Trinity University, came to San Diego’s Kona Kai Resort the weekend of January 13-14 to speak at an international Communion and Liberation conference.

While in San Diego, Wuerl told California Catholic Daily reporter Allyson Smith that he has no plans to discipline the newly elected Democratic Speaker, who is now the most powerful Catholic in Congress — and an ardent supporter of abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and pro-homosexual legislation.

Smith: “Did you make any statement last week about Nancy Pelosi going to Mass at Trinity University?”

Wuerl: “That was a matter between the university and Nancy. They were offering their location, and the Mass was celebrated by a priest with faculties, and there was no reason to make any comment.”

Smith: “Do you intend to discipline her at all for being persistent and obstinate about her support for abortion and same-sex marriage?”

Wuerl: “I will not be using the faculty in the manner you have described.”

Smith: “Will you make a statement to your priests and deacons to warn her not to allow her to receive if she presents herself for Communion?”

Wuerl: “You’re talking about a whole different style of pastoral ministry. No.”



You know, if this wasn’t as serious as it is, it would almost be comical. A different style of pastoral ministry, your Grace?

How about just enforcing canon law and doing your job? Canon 915 says that those “who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin, are not to be admitted to holy communion.” Abortion is a grave sin. The politicans who are the fortunate recipients of your lax, and indeed gravely negligent, “style of pastoral ministry” are enabling (and even promoting) the mass butchery of 1 million unborn children every year. And that is in your own country alone.

And if you are not inclined to enforce canon law, then have the good decency to think about the scandal you are causing to allow public figures to show contempt for the Catholic faith.

A million unborn children are butchered every year and you won’t lift one Episcopal finger to make the politicians who enable this annual holocaust accountable for their actions or their positions. That’s outrageous.

What’s the problem, here? Are you afraid of them? Are you afraid that the Catholic Church would be looked down upon by the political elite in Washington, if you stand up and witness to the unborn even if it costs you something? You can’t run from the cross forever, Your Grace.

Instead of giving Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and Ted Kennedy the holy Eucharist, may I respectfully suggest turning around and giving them your back. That would be the more measured style of pastoral ministry that would be in keeping with individuals who insist on crucifying unborn children.

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