A Visit to Hell

Reluctantly, the saint followed and found himself in a desolate, desert-like place. As guide and guided trudged through the dismal valley, a delightful, green, flowery road opened before them. Don Bosco eagerly took to the path, but as he walked, realized it gently sloped downward.

He then saw that his boys and others were passing him left and right. Suddenly, one of them fell violently backwards, legs in the air, and as if pulled by an invisible snag, disappeared over a distant cliff. Several of the boys met with the same fate.

On closer inspection, Don Bosco realized that there were lassos on the ground made of such filmy fiber they were hardly detectable. They have spread cords for a net; by the wayside they have laid snares for me – Psalms 139:6.

“Do you know what this is?” the priest asked his guide.

“A mere nothing,” he answered. “Just plain human respect.”

When you read an account like that, you sit up and take notice.

Don’t get flabby or sucker-punched.  Once you’re in there, there’s no getting out.

Jesus Christ died for a reason. To save us from that most horrible fate imaginable.

Don’t be fooled into thinking our moral decisions are arbitrary or temporal.  They are not!

“Human Respect” — “Openness to the World”  Sound familiar?

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