A Typical Liberal

Over at Big City Loser, Smithers offers these comments on the attack on FD….

Flanders is planning an on-line petition, and though I don’t sign such things,my good buddy Galactus, Eater of Worlds, will probably show up and put his name to it. When details become
available, I will let everyone know. I’m sure “Heywood J. Blome” will want to show his support for Free Speech, Liberty, and etc.

How so predictably liberal. Let someone else fight (and pay for) something you enjoy. Isn’t that always the case with a socialist? It’s always someone else’s problem, and if a problem is to be addressed, let the government (i.e. somebody else) take on the problem. Rarely do you see a liberal taking on any sort of individual sacrifice or personal responsibility. The whole global warming hysteria is certainly a prime example of that one.

That’s why it usually takes conservatives to fight for and defend our country and its REAL values. One could kind of respect people who choose not to participate in something they don’t believe in, even if they are in the wrong. We can cut some slack to them, giving them the benefit of the doubt.

But for liberals who sit back and enjoy the hard fought battles by conservatives while not even lifting a finger (or a pen for that matter) in support? That’s a bit much – even for a liberal.

It’s not like we are asking them to actually contribute money or anything. That would be simply unfathomable.

And the fact that this is not about FD at all, but for the “right” to post their vile garbage, which on average and without prejudice, is 100 fold greater than you will ever see on a typical conservative discussion board. And they know it too.

But time will tell how they react when one of their own gets nailed for a “human rights” abuse. And when they try and rally support to end this madness, we can all just sit back on this side of the aisle and quip:

“We don’t sign such things.”


4 thoughts on “A Typical Liberal

  1. Do you really support free speech or just your own opinions and turf?

    Are you fighting for Canada’s freedom and that of fellow Canadians or just your own point of view?

    Do you really believe that signing your name on a petition is really making a stand?

    If your friend at FD who has been made responsible for all the malicious bigotry on FD is found guilty will you stand by her? Will you pay off the incurring fine? Will you make any sacrifices or just sit there on your butt satisfied that you typed your name on some stupid petition?!

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