A Tough Day At Ground Zero

It is traumatic to watch the misery parade of young women being “escorted” to the clinics with their boyfriends who will soon be gone out of their lives. Today, I stood across the street with my “I regret lost fatherhood” sign, my friend Frances held her “I regret my abortion” sign (our abortions are not related).

A 17 year old girl approached us after sitting nearby for about an hour watching us. She had tattoos all over her arms, and lip rings and clothing that exposed more of her body than was covered up. She was very pretty underneath her Goth eyeliner, but her emotional turmoil was in her eyes. She defiantly asked “Are you guys paid to be here?” I said “No, I’m here on my own time, for no money and no other reason than to share my experience with abortion.” She said “I had an abortion last year…sometimes people can’t go through with a pregnancy, and I’d never tell someone what to do.”

I told her my experience with abortion and Frances told her story. This young girl then shared what it was like for her abortion. She had been date raped, and her mother and everyone around her pressured her to have an abortion but she wasn’t sure. She went into the abortion doctor’s office for the interview in Toronto balling her eyes out. The “doctor” said “Toughen up, why are you here? If you can’t handle it get out!” She “toughened up” and stayed.

She talked about the excruciating pain of having her feet put in stirrups and seeing the 10 inch instrument forced up into her uterus, and being in such searing pain that they strapped down her wrists and had two nurses hold down her torso as the doctor ripped her baby from her womb.  Afterwards she wanted to die. She cut herself with razor blades all over her body and ended up in a psych ward. The walls were blank but she saw children running all around on the walls and she was in incredible turmoil. When she got out she got tattoos all over. She lifted up the front of her shirt and showed us a tattoo over her uterus of a thorn thicket. She said it represented her now inhospitable uterus. She said “It’s a big lie what this world says, it’s a real baby, and I will never be able to replace my lost baby, and I may not be able to have kids anymore because of complications.” She continued “I don’t know how to get over it.” I replied “I know who to come to terms with it. It is God. After many years of trying every self destructive thing to get over it, I found that in the end, it was God who heals, and it starts with fully accepting what we’ve done and then humbly asking God for forgiveness. It’s a lifetime journey. There is help out there, I can help you find it.”

She changed to the subject to how she tried to talk a friend out of abortion, but she said she would support no matter what … then suddenly it all came together for me… she was waiting for her friend who, at that very minute, was going through the same thing on the 3rd floor across the street at the Morgentaler abortion clinic. My heart leapt into my throat and I choked back the tears. I said “I am really sorry that this is happening.” I told her about Rachel’s Vineyard, and said that I would pray for her. Then she walked across the street to rejoin the misery parade, and I turned away, I couldn’t look anymore.

David MacDonald

40 Days for Life will be starting up again on September 23 in Ottawa.

Please join us in prayerfully and quietly witnessing to the great scourge of abortion and helping those who see no way out.

5 thoughts on “A Tough Day At Ground Zero

  1. There are those who are called to be salt and light to those suffering in this pagan culture. God bless them. The ones who promote abortion are not in reality pro-choice, but rather are singularly pro-murder. While the rhetoric has served to camauflage the carnage, abortion is really the painful murder of an innocent human being. How can anyone not know this? This holocaust is government funded. You and I are footing the bill. Prayer leads to action, so more of us ought to get involved in government, and pass bills to stop this killing of unborn children. What say you?

  2. I actually first mentioned Rachel’s Vineyard to her(having gone through
    the amazing healing experience offered there), but this poor soul was so traumatized and mixed up and tormented by her (obviously unhealed pain)
    that she had trouble grasping all I was conveying.
    I hope she felt my love and prayer to Our Blessed Mother Mary and Jesus for her to experience God’s profound love and calling her to His forgiveness and Mercy, so she can be free to help STOP the carnage and be there for her friends in the right way….the only way, to save the lives of the most innocent, and the assured torment her friends will endure after commiting
    murder under the auspices that it is anything else.

  3. This story breaks my heart. I am at work in my office, just taking a little break, and as I read about this poor, tormented girl, the tears are just falling from my eyes. I want to be there for everyone of them, I want to walk before every abortion clinic, I want to scream it from the roof tops; THIS HAS TO STOP!!! My little city hosted a replica of the 40 days for life walk last Lenten season, but we only had enough people to march for one hour per day, instead of 24/7 like in the real 40 days for life. I will be there again if they hold it again, but for now all that I can do is pray, pray, pray. This is a time of great battle between good and evil. I must remember that Christ has already conquered death at His Cross, and in the end, the Reign of His Sacred Heart will be here. But for now … my heart is breaking….

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  5. Please pray to Our Lord’s Holy Mother that she will stop these murders! Pray to Our Blessed Mother that she will help these pressured women to stop killing their babies who love their mothers! These babies have nothing but tender love for these women! Their babies NEVER stop loving their mothers. Pray that the Blessed Mother will crush the head of the father of lies who convinces these poor women to take the lives of their own babies!
    Oh Blessed Mother, show these poor women the love their babies have for their mothers! Pray to Our Lord to open the hearts of these mothers! Show them the LOVE their babies have for them. Do NOT SILENCE these babies! Pray to Our Blessed Mother and the PreBorn Jesus who Loves them and their babies!

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