15 Liberals Who Can Make A Difference

Social Conservatives United

December 4, 2008 

To:  Wayne Easter,  Mark Eyking , Judy Foote, Albina Guarnieri , Jim Karygiannis, Lawrence MacAuley, Dan McTeague , Shawn Murphy,  Paul Szabo,  Alan Tonks, Borys Wrzesnewskyi, Derek Lee,  John McKay,  Massimo Pacetti,  Bryon Wilfert


In this time of political crisis for our nation, it is imperative that the Members of Parliament consider the good of the country over their own immediate political interests.  The long-term implications of the proposed socialist-separatist agreement of the three opposition parties will have dire political and economic consequences to the Liberal Party and the unity and survival of Canada itself.

By accepting this Coalition, you are inviting financial abuse by the socialists in a time of economic uncertainty and instability.  A recession calls for prudent financial management of the country’s finances, not a ballooning of the federal deficit, caused by irresponsible spending initiatives.  The Liberal Party should not exacerbate our recession by forming a coalition with extreme left wing ideologues who have no concept of financial responsibility or restraint.  It is bizarre how we can believe that the proposed ballooning of our deficit will overcome our current difficulties, when spending money we didn’t have was the reason for our financial collapse in the first place! Please don’t throw more fuel on the fire.

You are also, wittingly or not, unleashing regional forces in both Quebec and the West that will threaten Canada’s confederation.  The West will not sit idly by while this Coalition, which has very little representation from the West,  panders to the Bloc’s financial extortions. The Liberal Party had long prided itself in being a centrist party which stood for a strong federal government and eschewed any co-operation or compromise with the separatists from Quebec. Yet, over a mere weekend, that whole legacy has been thrown under the bus, as the once champion of Canada’s unity and federalism has sold out for a few months of extreme socialism, propped up by a Party whose very existence is to break up Canada.

I have decided to write this letter to 15 Liberal MPs who I have identified as having moderate to strong social conservative values.  I ask you to look around the proposed Coalition of MPs and ask yourself honestly if these politicians reflect your views of life, family, and freedom.  In truth, the Coalition can only be described as godless, socialist revolutionaries who will be intent on pushing forward their destructive agenda, regardless of the cost to our nation’s social and financial fabric.

For the good of our country, and on behalf of all social conservatives in this country who have supported you in your political vocation in the defense of the unborn and the Canadian family, I implore you to consider the good of our nation and its families over your Party’s leadership.  I encourage you to discuss this matter with other socially conservative Liberal Party members because the hesitation that you are most certainly experiencing right now is being shared by them also.

For the good of our country, don’t let this Coalition happen.

Yours truly,

John Pacheco 
Social Conservatives United

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