A time of shame for Canadian Catholics

I am ashamed to be a Canadian Catholic.

Although I am proud to call Christ my Saviour and I strive to adhere to all the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church, I must admit that it is embarrassing to be a Canadian Catholic these days.

The Church in this country is in a sad state of disarray.  And like any organization in shambles, the buck stops with senior management, i.e. our bishops.  I wish I could simply say that Canada’s bishops are silent on every major moral issue of the day, but that would be understating the problem.  It’s much worse than that.  The bishops are actively cooperating with the enemy…

More than 40 years ago, Canada’s bishops officially dissented with the Magisterium’s teachings on contraception through the infamous Winnipeg Statement.  This dissent contaminated Catholic teaching at all levels, from marriage prep courses to the Catholic schools.  Since then, our bishops have never repented of the Winnipeg Statement.  Au contraire.  Now that the Culture of Death has conquered these lands, our bishops are bankrolling its expansion to other nations through Development and Peace (D&P).

Despite the evidence piling up over the past three months, the president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Archbishop James Weisberger (Winnipeg) has just publicly absolved D&P from any wrongdoing whatsoever. Yet, he did not address or refute any of the specific allegations raised against so many of D&P’s partners.  It was a classic whitewash devoid of any facts or arguments.  Even worse, he used a very condescending tone toward the reporters and the faithful that brought these allegations to the light, saying that Catholics should trust the bishops rather than “unknown websites”.  Sorry, your Grace, but does the Bishops Conference of Peru qualify as an obscure website?  How about Priests for Life?

The Church has always recognized the existence of the sensus fidelium (sense of the faithful), which, through the Holy Spirit, gives the faithful an instinct to detect when something smells fishy.  Right now, the stench is overwhelming. To our fellow-Catholics in the countries where Canadian bishops are supporting your opponents, I would like to extend my personal apologies.

I’m sorry that we have failed you.  As one of the wealthiest siblings of the Catholic Church, it was Canada’s duty to help you in your poverty.  Instead, our Church has chosen to support the guerrilla movement that wants to enslave you to the same Culture of Death that has enslaved us.

To the bishops of Peru, who took the bold step of telling our bishops to cease and desist, I admire your courage.  However, I do not expect that you will receive the charitable response that you seek.  Your sole recourse may be to prosecute them for violation of your jurisdiction under Canon Law.

Yes, it is embarrassing to be a Canadian Catholic these days.  Let’s just say that if I was vacationing in Peru and went to a Sunday mass over there, I wouldn’t be waving a Canadian flag.

– Steve G.

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