A Ticket to Ride

The recent revelations concerning the proximity of Ms. Hechme’s apartment building to CHRC offices have begun to shed light on the dark, secretive underworld of the CHRC’s covert spying operations.

Consider, for instance, the spy who was shagging a private citizen’s wireless connection.  If he was indeed working on the government’s time and the government’s dime – in other words, if the spy was a CHRC employee – why would he feel the need to engage in accessing a private citizen’s Internet connection if he believed that his work was already above reproach and totally legitimate?   Obviously, this particular spy had some reservations about engaging in this sort of covert behaviour – hence the necessity of covering up the link back to the Star Chamber and his activity.  And what is even more outrageous is that, not only did he believe his conduct was not kosher – otherwise he would be using a government connection from his cushy seat at the CHRC – but he also had no reservations about illegally using a private citizen’s Internet connection to do his work!  Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for the government saving money and all that, but this seems just a wee bit OUTSIDE OF THE LAW.   

Is anyone really surprised at these Star Chamber techniques, outside of, say, Warren Kinsella, Stephane Dion and the Conservative Party?  The CHRC, long immune from political attention of the eunuchs on Parliament Hill, is not only above the political establishment in this banana republic but, apparently now, the legal one as well.  Where you have a government organ that is breaking the law and existing as a virtually untouchable spy agency and the impotent politicians refusing to reign it in, it creates the environment for a Police State – except, in this case, the CHRC police are not the ones doing the government’s shady, jackboot business; instead, it’s the CHRC itself that is happily doing their own business without any instruction from the government!  In fact, the more I think about it, that’s not a bad gig they’ve got going on there at all.  Think about it.  We have a few few el presidentes for life at the Commission operating within the loose confines of our banana republic by picking off Canadians whose speech they rule has surpassed the politically correct barometer.  You’ve got to have one big banana to pull that off.  It’s quite the accomplishment, for sure and you’ve got to give them their due, whatever you think of their operation.

In addition to master warrior, Dean Steacy, the other CHRC operative, Ms. Hannya Rizk, told the tribunal that she was trained with some very basic Internet spy techniques by a former Commission employee who is now the complainant in the case.  Let’s listen to her testimony here.

In his testimony, Steacy also said he started going blind around the end of 2004, and he also suggested during the hearing that he was not a computer expert either.

These factors suggest that these two jade warriors did not likely have extensive computer or Internet expertise .  Nothing wrong with that, of course, since it is not particularly necessary to do their “job”, but it’s an important fact in this case nonetheless.  Why? Because ripping off a wireless Internet connection does not happen accidentally.  It has to happen by design.  Who then provided the technical expertise to access the wireless connection of a private citizen, and equally important, why was such a connection used at all if these operations were above board and within the parameters of the law?

We still don’t even know for certain whether this was an inside job by the Commission or a contracted hit by a third party.  At what other times did “jaddwarr” login to Stormfront?  Was it at night or during the day?  If the other posts were made exclusively during the day like the one featured during the hearing, the probability of the perpetrator being a CHRC warrior increases slightly.   Most citizens, after all, have real jobs during the day.

Frankly, I don’t know what is worse:

1) A government functionary attempting to entrap a Canadian citizen by spying on them and using a private citizen’s property to do so.


2) A government functionary colluding with a third party to allow them to do so.

It’s not at all surprising that the CHRC lawyers didn’t feel very serene when the jig was up.  “Excuse me, your Supreme Pooba, I-I-I don’t feel very well right now. I think I need to sit down. I’m just not up to spilling the beans at this moment.”  If everything was going down by the book, our wonderful warrior commissioners would not have registered any serious objections to finding out basic information about how they connect to the Internet.  It’s gonna be on a government (or their own personal) account, right?  That’s what would have happened with a fair and transparent government body – something which the internet hacks at the CHRC are not.  It’s no wonder, then, as was alluded to later on in the hearing, that the CHRC and CSIS (Canada’s foreign spy agency) are so chummy.  I guess it’s beneficial for our two spy agencies to share techniques and be up on all the latest gadgets and methods in doing their jobs.  The only difference between the two, of course, is that CSIS is subject to Canadian law while the CHRC can operate outside of it.

(Btw, will the CHRC reimburse Ms. Hechme for the rental of her property in the course of their investigation?)

There is one final point I’d like to make regarding the Commission’s activities.   The leftists who have been largely unconcerned with such quaint notions of free speech have enjoyed the government putting the boots to the Right.  And while they think that it’s sweet lefty “justice” – however perverse the rest of us think it is – for the Star Chamber Tribunals to operate in such a fashion against their opponents, their tune would change if they themselves became the target.    But they are thinking that, given Canada’s current political environment, the chances of that happening are pretty remote.

Or are they?

As I have discovered in my research into this whole bogus process, all it takes is one sympathetic investigator with a particular moral or social view to advance a case brought forward by an aggrieved community.  If one of those investigators was, say, a Christian, and a complaint was brought forward by a Christian community against a particularly vicious leftist blogger (oh, I know, there aren’t any of those around — but humour me nonetheless OK?), the whole racket with the AID of the illegal and immoral methods of the ONE investigator could be used to push the hearing all the way to the Tribunal stage. 

If the government does not step in and shoot this sick horse soon, the conservative and Christian community will eventually wise up and begin to slowly (or perhaps EN MASSE) start applying for jobs at the Commission as one of its warriors.  Sooner or later, we’ll get in to a few key spots and we’ll score.  And what will happen then?  Of course, the CHRC would never dream of asking someone’s religious affiliation for a job applicant since to do so would open it up to charges of discrimination. They would not want to be subject to a human rights complaint after all, would they?  That indeed would be one helluva hearing to watch to say the least. I can see it now:




Tribunal Presided over by the CHRT

The Left has to ask themselves if this is the kind of country they wish to live in because if it is – and I know I speak for many on this side of the aisle – the Right is willing to oblige them and play the spy game too.

Just understand this:  when the Star Chamber Train leaves the station and starts rolling, the ultimate destination of the ride is not politically correct utopia but a one-way ticket to jackboot hell for ALL the citizens  of this country – not just the underclass that they hope to create.


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