Free Speech: Canada’s Last Frontier

Calling someone a bastard may not be the nicest thing, it may even hurt their feelings, but it may in fact be true, in the technical sense, if the person’s parents were never married. Truth is a great defence. It was truth that saw Oscar Wilde lose in his lawsuit against the Marquis of Queensbury. Queensbury had called Wilde a sodomite by posting a notice of such on a sign inside a prestigious gentlemen’s club in London. Wilde who was engaged in an affair with Queensbury’s son, sued the Marquis but lost because what the Marquis had said was true. Truth has always been the journalist’s best defence as they seek to expose the failings of politicians, governments or societies leaders. Against a torrent of highly paid lawyers, journalists have always been able to rest on truth. Truth, as the Good Book says, will set you free. Except in Canada…….In Great Britain, truth was no defence for American researcher Rachel Ehrenfeld who published Funding Evil: How Terrorism Is Financed — and How to Stop It. Ms. Ehrenfeld was sued in Britain by a Saudi named Khalid bin Mahfouz on the grounds that the book was libellous against Saudis. Mr bin Mahfouz doesn’t live in Britain but that hasn’t stopped him from suing and collecting awards against the authors and publishers of 36 other books earning him the nickname, the Libel Tourist. In Ms Ehrenfeld’s case, a British judge ordered her to apologise and pay Î 110,000 in damages. Books about Saudis and terrorism are now potentially dangerous in Britain and unlikely to be published.

Speaking with Mark Steyn at an event in Ottawa, I explained my sacking of Rome theory; that these small battles against free speech in nations such as Britain and Canada were like the battles that led up to the sacking of Rome. Those battles weakened the Empire and eventually led to the fall of Rome itself. Steyn agreed. America, he says, is foolish to think that it can and will prevail as the one outpost of free speech if all the other Western nations fall. Already campus speech codes, hate speech laws, historic revisionism and multiculturalism have left Americans unsure of what is acceptable to say, think or write. If the trends in Canada and Britain continue, people in America may soon be asking if what they want to say, think or write is legal. (Source)

I encourage everyone to click above and read the great article above by Ottawa’s own Brian Lilly.  It might be the best damn article on this Freespeech Fiasco since we started our fight against the Forces of Darkness.

We are losing a war, folk.  You don’t hear bombs going off or people screaming. You don’t see blood on the streets or hear sirens going off.  There’s no buildings collapsing or food shortages.  There’s nothing conventional about this war…except the eventual results.  The end game is the same: totalitarian takeover but without the fuss and the muss of death and suffering.  It’s going to be a friendly takeover as far as conventional weapons go, at any rate.  It will be by demographic suicide and shifting…smooth…and easy like.  It might be rather hostile in the cyber world, but that will only last for a short time. Soon, that will be under strict regulation and censorship as well, so the slow but certain transition can take its course. 

This all reminds me of an original Star Trek episode.  Captain Kirk and the crew beam down to this advanced civilization which, unbeknownst to the Captain and Spock, are at war with another civilization.  When the President informs Kirk they’ve just suffered immense casualties from an enemy attack, Kirk looks surprised because there was no physical fallout of a bomb of any kind. Spock even confirms it on his Tri-corder.  When Kirk asks for an explanation from the President, his host informs him that both his civilisation and their enemy have advanced so far that they don’t engage in physical war anymore, but only cyber war.  Everything is fought by computers.  The computers also determine how many people should die when they suffer “casualties”.  The computer rings up the number of casualties, and that’s the number of people who have to report to the extermination cells.  It’s all clean and neat. No messy bombs. No carnage on the streets.  No fuss. No muss.  (And no incentive for real peace, either.) If your number comes up, just report for extermination. Don’t ask any questions.  Don’t disturb the way things are done.  This is the way and there is no other.  It’s progress so don’t stand in the way. Conform. Submit. Keep your head down and just shut the hell up.

It’s kind of like that in Canada today.  The Human Rights Commissions will decide our fate just like the Computers did in Star Trek.  They’ll do the thinking and deciding for us.  We all just keep our heads down and keep accepting the ominous encroachments on our civil liberties little by little until one day, just like the Star Trek episode above, our number will be up and we’ll have to decide whether to enter the prison cell or revolt and reap what we’ve sown with all the blood and guts that it will demand of us.

One thought on “Free Speech: Canada’s Last Frontier

  1. “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” – (George Orwell)

    “The right to yell “fire” in a crowded theater turns to civil duty if you are the first one to smell smoke” – (Me)

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