A Sheet Over Her Face

From a reader, reporting on events at 65 Bank Street, Ground Zero, Morgentaler’s Abortuary….

The reason I am writing you today is, that for the second time in a few months, I witnessed an ambulance and a paramedic car come with the emergency lights on to attend to someone from the abortuary. The first time I saw this months ago, I had a camera that had a video camera on it, and when I took it out to take a video of the emergency vehicles I was subjected to a barrage of cursing and abusive yelling by the people who work there as well as the security guard. The woman they took away had a sheet over her face and I do not know if that was to cover her identity or because it was cold or if she had died.

There were many witnesses who heard them yelling the abusive and threatening comments at me. I am not surprised at what happened just informing you so as to its relevance in light of what happened today. I never did anything with the footage, because I did not know at the time , that LifeSiteNews may have been interested. That phone got damaged and I no longer have that video.

Today when I saw the vehicle arrive I took photos of the car and ambulance. Then the security guard came across the street and this man who normally makes no bones about his disdain for my presence said to me. “Out of respect for the person (who obviously was going to be taken away soon from the abortuary), would I please not take any pictures. I said I did not believe he cared to “protect” her or her baby, and was only interested trying to keep hidden from others that someone was injured or hurt in some way who just happened to be at the abortuary. He then tried to block me with moving every time I did, and calling me a hypocrite etc. When I told him I had been a Security guard which I had at one time, and I was told never to leave my post (which for him, was across the street in front of the abortuary), he replied that he was “protecting me, as well”

I said he again, was not allowed to block me in the manner he was from me taking photos with my phone from across the street, and he finally went back over to the side of the abortuary, after he saw me making eye contact with Cy across the street who was watching this.

However as I continued praying with another lady , waiting to see if they brought anyone out, and who witnessed all this as well, after they prepared the vehicle for the arrival of the stretcher, one of the paramedic’s crossed the street, and began also doing the dance where he held out his arms and moved his body blocking me every time I so much as moved. saying things like” The weather’s cold today etc.” When I told him he had no right to block me he continued, until finally another paramedic called him across the street, because he by being over doing this dance in front of me, and not in his vehicle, was blocking a bus from getting by. I understand from that that is a form of assault, the fact he pushed his body that close in front of mine and also blocked me from taking a photo …and I was across the street. There was also an unmarked small police car, I noticed in front of one of the emergency vehicles, that from my vantage point seemed to contain two police officers, the driver being a woman. They did not approach me, and moved away after the paramedic went back over. At this point they had put the stretcher in the ambulance.

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  1. legalizing the killing of baby’s in their mothers wombs is morally wrong, because the person killed is innocent, and has done nothing wrong.

    A democratic people who legalize this are capable of setting precedents to legalize other atrocities, and morbid behaviors. The legalized behavior now becomes a so-called human right, social justice, and normalized to impressionable schoolchildren, by adults as moral behavior; thus a society is Socially Engineered by this Legislated calamitous behavior. Hence Justices like Peter Mcintyre set precedence by giving 36 months, and three years probation to a woman who left three of her babies to die in a garbage dumpster. The Judge said to the woman who killed her children,”The sentence must reflect sentencing principles, but all three incidents happened when your mind was disturbed after giving birth.”

    The Nazi Government, and Supreme Court passed over 400 laws legalizing their worldview or religion. The person who says,”I don’t have a religion”, is being dishonest, because ones worldview is their religion. Democratic Secularism, it’s morality and justice are not neutral as they say, but forces it’s worldview on everyone by it’s laws.

    In Canada a former Christian Country in Government, Law and Education, this kind of Social Engineering is diabolical. This is Political, because the laws of a democracy reflect the soul of the people; as the Bills passed by elected politicians become enforced laws that everyone has to live by. Fellow Canadians please don’t remain A.W.O.L in this political Culture War for the minds, and souls of future generations. In this morbid Legislated Social Engineering of innocent children;therefore in this I agree with Vladimir Putin you public brainwashing CBC, and Popular Media Moguls etc.,” Don’t harm and pervert the innocent, impressionable Children !”

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