A Second Rate Satellite

Here we go again:   

The cartoon, published April 18 in the Chronicle Herald newspaper, depicts a woman in a burka holding a sign that reads, “I want millions,” and she says, “I can put it towards my husband’s next training camp.” The cartoon by Bruce MacKinnon is a reference to Cheryfa MacAulay Jamal, a woman from Nova Scotia whose husband was arrested in 2006 in an anti-terrorism raid. Qayyum Abdul Jamal was released from jail after charges against him were stayed on April 15…Dan Leger, the Herald’s director of news content, said the cartoon does not take aim at all Muslims.”The whole purpose of that cartoon was to comment on the outrageous demands of this individual for compensation long before any hearing into her case had ever been held,” he said. In an interview with the Herald before the cartoon ran, Jamal said she wanted to sue the federal government for what her family has gone through and told the reporter, “I want millions,” Leger noted. “[MacKinnon] depicted her exactly the way she looks and used her own words, and that’s the genius of cartooning that you’re able to do that,” he said. Leger said he first heard of the Islamic group’s concerns when the newspaper was contacted by police. (Source)

First Levant, now Steyn, now this.  That’s what happens to a country when it becomes saturated with a multi-cult ideology.  The very dangerous thing about Canada today is that there is nothing that binds us together except the good times that mammon provides.  In other words, money.  We have no shared values, no shared religion, no shared goals, nothing of any substance.  That is why we should not be surprised that Muslims identify more with their own culture of origin than they do with traditional Canadian culture and its democratic values.   But wait a minute!  “Canadian culture”?  What is that?   We don’t have one, do we?    Our “culture” refuses to define itself or its identity except to point to the great unknown and claim we’re all just one big happy family of equal cultures and beliefs.  We have gone to the absurd lengths of defining our identity by the contradictory pluralism which demands that we treat two diametrically opposed cultures and their values as morally and socially equal. Because, you know, we mustn’t discriminate.  Because to discriminate, after all, means you must use your mind to distinguish between something superior and something inferior and we must never do that. It would be opposing the multi-cult prime directive.

We are now beginning to reap the social liberalism which was sowed in the 60s and 70s, and fostered by weak and marshmallow Canadian prime ministers and politicians during these past 40 years.  When our great leaders fumbled and farted along about Canadian values meaning “tolerance, peace, multiculturalism, and freedom”, Canadians bought that bullshit in bulk volume at a discounted price.   We weren’t too sure about the first three, but we let them slide in because we always had the last one as a safety precaution. It said so in our national anthem:  “true, north, strong and free“.  Unlike the national anthem which still correctly describes one of our qualities as Canadians (hint: it’s north), the tolerance, peace and multiculturalism our political leaders told us were so great have all but suffocated the one fundamental Canadian value that really mattered and that’s our inalienable right to freedom.   The “peaceful, multi-cultural tolerance” mantra is now being used to undermine and erode the real and only Canadian value left in our country. And the ironic thing about it is, when freedom is banished by the Star Chambers and sent packing, there won’t be any more peace and there won’t be any more tolerance since those qualities are dependent upon the first and foundational human right which is authentic human freedom itself.

When a people refuses to define or defend their very identity against foreign influences and its alien values, what fool still believes that those influences will not eventually begin to dominate and take over the demographic and political landscape? If we believe these three instances of militant Islamic encroachments are “one-offs” (that’s three one-offs if you’re counting); that they won’t continue to happen again, then we’re even more obtuse than the Jihadis think we are.

The sad reality today is that, increasingly, our cherished fundamental rights are not being managed by Parliament Hill or in our provincial legislatures. Those particular seats of government and the lands they govern have become mere colonies, outposts, and settlements for a much bigger global power – a power which is already yielding enormous influence without yet having any formal political power (except, of course, for the Taliban Jacks and other useful idiots who continue to pimp for them).  The not-so-soft power they now wield comes courtesy of the the fear and intimidation tribunals of the Human Rights Racket, aided and abetted by the morons on the Left who have and continue to support them.

Canada has become a  second-rate satellite of a foreign ideological power.  Parliament Hill might indeed be the center of government and the ostensible protector of our rights, but that’s just for window-dressing purposes only.  In reality, the definition of freedom and its exercise is under new management whose head office is not in Ottawa.

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