A sceptical note on Canada’s bishops and Development and Peace

God Bless Fr. De Valk. No Koolaid drinker is he.

…The Canadian bishops have never retracted their “No” to Pope Paul. Today D & P administrative personnel in Quebec are in revolt. Some have left ; others are threatening. Good. (LifeSiteNews; Blogger Socon and Bust, Oct. 12, 2011)

As for donations to D & P, let us stop now. Wait three years to see if episcopal “oversight” has remade secular, political D & P into a Catholic charitable organization. If so, only then let us resume the donations. (Source)

For the record, Socon or Bust asks all Catholics and pro-lifers to continue to boycott Development & Peace.  Nothing has changed in their philosophy.  It’s the same management and the same people who have not repented.  All the policies and internal controls placed on them cannot compensate for a pro-life management team.  There are always ways of circumventing controls. 

It’s a matter of trust and not whistles.  When oh when are the bishops of this church in Canada going to figure out this simple truth?!?

What has Development & Peace done to gain your trust, dear reader?  Nothing!  So, please, don’t be the proverbial useful idiot and reward them because a rebellious and dissenting episcopacy are placing a few watered-down controls on them.

Never give to D&P. Ever.  

The bishops of Canada (as a whole) simply cannot be trusted. Period.  It gives me no pleasure to say this, but the reality is the reality.   Any bishop who cannot publicly condemn the Winnipeg Statement is not worthy of complete trust, and there is not one bishop in this country who has the guts to do it.  Not one.  What does that tell you about their fidelity and courage? 

Any fool can be pro-life.  But not any fool will suffer for it.

If the bishops are truly pro-life, let them prove it.  Let them retract the Winnipeg Statement.

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