A Saudi died after attempting to sodomize a donkey

It’s a sad day when a donkey has more courage and sense of self-preservation than the so-called Christian West.

Update: Sorry, folks, this story is not true. However, the general point about certain communities condoning and engaging in this activity is still true. Whether a donkey somewhere became aware of his own dignity and did something about it, makes the story’s veracity actually a moot point.

One thought on “A Saudi died after attempting to sodomize a donkey

  1. Dr.Alfred Kinsey’s thesis,” Outlet Sex”, places all sexual acts on the same moral, social and biological level whether people are married or not, between people of the same ,or opposite sex, including sex involving children, or involving animals. Dr.Alfred Kinsey declared that he has proven by his experiments and tables that “science” had found no value in “Traditional Sexual Morality”. The Kinsey Reports, have provided the so-called “scientific” foundation for Western Civilizations Sex Education, taught to impressionable children in schools, by adult school teachers. University textbooks as Dr. James Rachels etc.,”Created From Animals”, also adds to Kinseys so-called science, and perverts modern youth.

    The Western term, “Political Correction”, involves Politics. Elected Politicians pass Bills into Law that everyone has to live by including Kindergarteners. The Western majorities political apathy and indifference has created the morbid Western Society,which indoctrinates its children in believing evil is good and healthy.

    This Donkey story is sick, but Kinsey Sex Education which uses adult teachers, and homosexual activists to normalize perversion to innocent Western schoolchildren is worse.

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