A Refreshing Approach

ROME, Italy, March 7, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A Vatican official has publicly criticized the outgoing head of Caritas Internationalis after she accused the Vatican of a top-down communication style and suggested it was out of touch with Caritas.

Caritas Secretary-General Lesley-Anne Knight, whose four-year term ends in May, was denied a nihil obstat (“nothing obstructs”) from the Vatican earlier this year, which is required for her to continue in the position.  The Vatican has said a new direction is needed to strengthen the organization’s Catholic identity and its evangelization efforts.

Lesley-Anne Knight, the outgoing secretary-general of Caritas.

But in a March 1st interview with the National Catholic Reporter, Knight said that with the new emphasis, some Caritas members “might become disillusioned with the confederation, might want to distance themselves from Caritas.”

“Does the Holy See actually know what Caritas is doing?” she asked. 

Yo, Leslie. Yes, they do. That’s why Caritas is changing direction.

Unlike our Canadian bishops who keep the same people in management positions in Development & Peace, the Vatican actually took action, for far less a scandal.

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