A Recent Convert Speaks Out About the D&P Abortion Scandal

I received the email below earlier this evening.  It was addressed to Archbishop Weisgerber by a recent convert to the Catholic faith who also happens to work in an evangelical setting.  I thought that receiving such a communication at this time was particularly poignant considering the situation we are in right now.  We sure do need lots of prayer these days.  Anyhow, I thought this letter was very powerful, coming from a recent convert who is not like the rest of us who are cradle Catholics.   It’s easy to dismiss the ones you are familiar with; it’s not so easy to do so with a new member of the family who has the same questions that the rest of us do.  We all see the same fat, white elephant in the middle of the room that our opponents insist is not there. 

I asked Kirsten for permission to post it here on Socon or Bust and she kindly gave it to me. 

Your Grace, Archbishop Weisgerber,

Thank you for your faithful service to our nation as leader of the CCCB.

As a new Catholic living in an evangelical community in our nation’s capital, I’m often defending or “educating” evangelicals on Catholic matters; and although our mandate is to pray for governmental leaders, we also pray into other important national issues, including abortion and euthanasia…… I’m pleased to be part of a Church which demonstrates annually its high regard for Life in the National March For Life.

So it’s somewhat embarrassing and saddening when we discover that the CCCB is in denial or deception about the stark reality of D&P’s funding of at least 12 pro-abortion groups in other nations.

This year the Canadian Bishops will all be attending the National March For Life in Ottawa….. 

It would be considered the utmost in hypocrisy, if the Bishops were to gather in Ottawa as a show of their support for Life, and yet the CCCB were to continue to support D&P.

This is a grave concern for all Canadian Catholics.

Your actions – or lack thereof – before the National March For Life, will have serious spiritual consequences on the Church in Canada.

Please do not take this issue lightly….

A concerned – and very faithful – Catholic,

Kirsten H.

She also sent me the following comments which I thought were very powerful and solemn as well (I didn’t have the heart to tell her that most of the bishops of Canada take a pass on the March for Life):

One other thing i feel that needs to be said: This letter was not sent until heart motives were examined…. and many tears were shed as the Holy Spirit led me to pray for a just and righteous standard to be raised up in  our Canadian bishops…..It’s a very weighty and serious thing to me to send a letter of this nature to spiritual authority…. (i sent it to all the bishops in the CCCB)… it shouldn’t ever have to be done….
…..but if we don’t, who will?
I will not keep silent, so help me Lord….

I think that about says it all, don’t you?

If you have not written to your local bishop or Archbishop Weisberger, please do so now.  The other side wants to sweep this under the rug – the old ‘nothing to see here, folks, move along’ canard. We simply cannot let that happen.  We must keep pressing until they change.


Real Change.

Change we can believe in.


4 thoughts on “A Recent Convert Speaks Out About the D&P Abortion Scandal

  1. Dan,

    Your question simply reveals how you DO NOT UNDERSTAND our position because you implicitly assume we believe a woman should be “punished” for getting pregnant, and that rape should be an exception to this “punishment”. This is not a fair or correct perspective.

    Ask yourself one very basic question: How does a rape change the biological and ontological reality of who the unborn child is? Is a child conceived in rape qualitatively different than a child who is not?

    Yes or no?

    Please answer the question and then I will answer yours.

  2. The horror and trauma of rape cannot be denied but to allow the rape victim to withstand yet another violent act, that of abortion, is only doubling and redoubling the victims’ pain. How can anyone justify ripping a child from his or her mother’s womb and call that healing for the poor woman? I pray for an opening of hearts and minds in regards to what these women really need; healing, nurturing and love. Abortion is by nature, the opposite of all of these values.
    Irene Michaud

  3. Abortion = BAD MATH
    1 RAPE = 1 Perpetrator+ 1 Victim

    If Pregnancy ensues:
    1 RAPE = 1 Criminal + 1 Victim + 1 Innocent

    If Abortion enuses:
    1 RAPE + 1 ABORTION = 2 Perpetrators + 2 Victims

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