2 thoughts on “A Real Catholic Martyr: Assassinated Pakistan Gov’t Minister Gunned Down By Islamacists

  1. Pakistan Sharia law has Islamic blasphemy laws that kills and persecutes Christians. This allows them to murder non Muslim Arabs legally. Is Sharia law coming to Canada? Isn’t Politically Correct Religious Relativism almost the same? Did they not handcuff pro-life university student Ruth Lobo and throw her in the slammer? Is Canada not a democratic Country? If so-called Canadian Christians are not Culture Warriors that are rightly politically active they are surrendering our land to the Politically Correct Relativists. Our laws are made in our Legislatures and Parliament by majority vote. In a democracy the citizens are responsible and accountable for the laws in that democracy. When are the majority who call themselves Christians going to wake up and help make this a better democracy?

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