A Ray of Light in Nicaragua

Praise the Lord, my brother…  Hi John, you have done the right thing and I encourage you to continue in this mission.  Two weeks ago, my brother Mons. Silvio Jose Baez was elected Auxiliary Bishop in Managua Nicaragua.  Tom G. sent me your report which I will pass it to Mons Baez (he might already have it but I will anyway send it to him).  It is a big challenge for him to move from an academic life in Rome to the front battles of the Nicaraguan Catholic Church.  Please keep him in your prayers he will be consecrated as bishop 30th of May.In Christ,Luisfelipe



My brother in Christ…

Since you will not likely see any meaningful reform of Development and Peace for many years to come, let me take this opportunity – on behalf of the thousands of faithful Catholics in this country – to offer my sincere apologies for the gross negligence and betrayal of the Church here in Canada towards our unborn brothers and sisters in the developing world. We have sinned against the poorer nations by our lust for material greed and exploitation of these countries, and by the imposition of our sexual imperialism to serve the sexual idolatry of the age.

If your brother needs financial assistance in helping to counter this pro-abortion group which the Canadian bishops have funded with our money, please let me know and I will do what I can to raise funds to send to the Diocese of Managua.

Aside from sending money to this Pro-Abortion front group which is trying to overturn the abortion laws in your brother’s country, the Canadian bishops might also be in breach of the Church’s canon law.  I want to strongly encourage your brother to write to the Bishops of Canada and the Nuncio here in Ottawa, and demand that they stop encroaching on your brother’s (and the Ordinary’s) jurisdiction as bishop in Managua. The Church has very strict rules of what other bishops can do in dioceses where they have no jurisdiction.  The bishops of Managua (indeed all of Nicaragua and all of the Latin American bishops) should send – not only a formal letter of complaint because of the possible breach of canon law – but a denunciation of the immoral activities of Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishop’s official development and aid agency.

We offer you our prayers, penance, and resolve to continue fighting for the Suffering Unborn Christ in Nicaragua and the other parts of the Developing world.

God Bless Nicaragua which is one of the last remaining lights in this dark world!

We want to assure you of our solidarity and communion with our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters, born and unborn.  Please pray for us that God may awaken our bishops to their blindness, and we will pray for your brother that he may have a productive and fruitful ministry in advancing the Gospel of Life.

Peace of Jesus Christ,

John Pacheco for
the underground Church in Canada


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