A Pro-Abort Slip Up

Last week, an unscientific poll on the Star‘s website asked if a 7-month-old fetus should have legal rights. The reaction was almost evenly divided. Fifty per cent said yes, 49 per cent said no….Besides, unless we have a law that takes care to separate acts of violence commissioned by others and not by abortion/health providers – or the women themselves – no matter how old the fetus, then we are on a very slippery slope, indeed. To me it’s clear: When a pregnant woman is killed by her partner, that’s murder. Isn’t that enough to lock up a killer for life? No separate charges should be laid. Our uteruses are not public property….Still, the prospect of a Handmaid’s Tale scenario is easy to imagine every time we talk about protecting the legal rights of the unborn. Mind you, for some pregnant women, the prospect of being locked up for their own – and the baby’s – good may be an option. (Source)

The Handmaid’s tale is already with us, my dear lady.  You are just too blind to see it.  Instead of men holding you down and forcing you to have children, they are forcing you to pop your pills and kill your babies.  It’s simply the flip side of the coin. And please don’t insult us by telling us it’s all just about a “woman’s right to choose”.  There are not enough turnips or trucks in the world to fall off of to believe that one.

By the way, did you catch  Ms. shoddy slip up?  She was humming right along, depersonalizing the baby and ensuring her semantics conformed to the politically correct lingo. Near the end of the article, she screws up and does not use “fetus”.  She uses “baby”.  Tsk, tsk. Watch the language, Ms. Zerbisias.  It could get you in trouble.

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