A Prime Minister of Substance

The 3.8-metre tall cross that symbolises World Youth Day has landed in Australia, as preparations begin for the event to be attended next year by Pope Benedict and an expected a half million Catholics.

The cross and an accompanying icon – a portrait of the Virgin Mary – arrived from New Zealand to be formally handed over to Australia’s Catholic leaders at an airport ceremony on Sunday attended by Prime Minister John Howard.

“The cross and the icon (are) a reminder that next year World Youth Day will be a magnificent opportunity for the young in their thousands, not only from Australia, but around the world, to reaffirm their faith and to remind the world and to remind this nation of the enduring relevance and resonance about the Christian message,” he told the gathering.

“It’s an occasion not only for Catholics, but for all who profess the Christian faith and the Christian belief, to celebrate the marvellous message of the Christian religion and its continuing importance to our country and the life of all of its citizens.”



Can you imagine Harper saying something like that? Me neither.

In Australia, politicians are not afraid to stand up for their Christian heritage.

Unconfirmed reports also state that these same male Australian politicians have testicles.

One thought on “A Prime Minister of Substance

  1. We should send Harper and company to Australia for lessons – A summer crash course maybe…so that Canada could start standing for something instead of falling for anything.

    If these “I can’t stand to admit that there is a God kind of guys” think that they are correct why don’t they change the weather to temped all year round or something like that then maybe we could buy into their gross nonsense. However they can not do such a thing and never will be able to.

    Only God can and does create. Unfortunately some mambers of mankind caught in their voluntary egotisticle insecurities, and frustrated by the fact that they cannot create (only tamper with what is already created),
    choose to kill and harm in order to satisfy their need for the feeling of power and notariety…….A gruesome way indeed to attract attention to onself I’d say.

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