“A Preferential Option for the Unborn”

We’ve all heard of the phrase “preferential option for the poor”.  Well now it turns out that Bishop Nicola De Angelis of the diocese of Peterborough has decided to opt for another kind of preference – the option of permitting Catholics in his diocese to decline giving money to the pro-aborts in the Global South. While this is not the best solution, it is a good step in the right direction.  First of all, it means a loss of revenue for Development & Peace.  To what degree is yet to be determined, but even if it was a salutory percentage – say 20% – that is 20% less funds the pro-aborts will be getting from Peterborough. That is a small, but practical victory for us.  Secondly, the Catholic Church is now officially recognizing the thousands of Canadians who have previously refused to give to Development & Peace because of their Marxist slant.  Until Bishop De Angelis’s initiative, faithful, knowledgeable Catholics had no way of officially participating in the Share Lent campaign because all of the money was going to Development & Peace.  Now there is an option – perhaps we can call it a “preferential option of the unborn” – to redirect that money to truly life-saving and life-affirming efforts, perhaps even towards overtly pro-life causes too!  Thirdly, Bishop De Angelis’s action provides us with the critical momentum to keep on moving forward.  He is now the third bishop to take pro-active measures to address the abortion scandal of Development & Peace.  It is my hope that we use this momentum to convince other bishops to move to restrict the management decisions of Development & Peace, an organization which has never admitted to the facts of funding pro-abortion groups in the Global South.


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  1. Sorry to say, I cannot agree with the opinion that +Bishop de Angelis has made a positive move favouring life, love truth and family ! Firstly, due to long years of grooming, ordinary pew-Catholics accept D&P as a genuine Catholic-based charity, worthy of support, and not the dissident-driven secular group it really is. Our Bishop furthers the deception by offering as the first option the giving of even more funds to this disgraced bunch. Secondly, what are the “other charities” offered as an alternative? How informed will the parishioners be when making the decision, which their Bishop has downloaded onto them ? Either D&P is worthy of support or it is not. In March 2009 Bp. DeAngelis declared “I will not allow ANY MONEY raised in the diocese of Peterborough to be used for pro-abortion activities or organizations”. So, if a bit less goes in that direction, does that make it OK ?

  2. Read this.

    Bishops urge wholehearted support of Share Lent

    By By Deborah Gyapong – OTTAWA (CCN)
    Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, and his brother bishops are urging a wholehearted support for this year’s annual Share Lent collection for the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace, taken up on the Fifth Sunday in Lent, this year March 21.
    “The devastation of the social and ecclesial infrastructure in Haiti will take years to repair. Share Lent is one way we can be good Samaritans to those who need our help,” Archbishop Miller said. “I pray that the extraordinary outpouring of generosity shown in the Special Collection for Haiti will be rekindled for Share Lent 2010.”
    In prepared remarks Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, SJ, of Ottawa spoke of how the Share Lent campaign gives Catholics an opportunity to participate in the Church’s mission to “break the chains of poverty and exclusion.”
    This year’s campaign is directed at growing world hunger through a focus on supporting small farmers, sustainable agriculture, and the rights of developing countries to control their food supply, known as “food sovereignty.” The agency hopes to raise $10 million in this year’s campaign.
    Concern was expressed at the time of last year’s Share Lent collection that CCODP partners were promoting abortion and contraception.
    Because of this, Archbishop Prendergast noted, “the bishops agreed there would be a collection this year while the bishops were working on reflecting with them on the Pope’s latest social justice encyclical, Caritas in Veritate, and addressing the concerns that had surfaced.”
    He said the committee must be allowed to do its work and the bishops must not send any mixed signals about their unconditional support for this year’s collection, but the agency must distance itself from any partners whose abortion advocacy “clearly gives mixed witness because we are associated with them.”
    CCODP executive director Michael Casey was upbeat about the future of the organization.
    A campaign to bring relief to Haiti after that country’s devastating earthquake was highly successful, raising the profile of CCODP across the country, he said. Close to $5 million was raised by the Feb. 12 government deadline for matching funds.
    An ad hoc committee of bishops set up to provide oversight to CCODP met for the first time Feb. 8.
    “We’re off to a very positive and good start with them,” said CCODP executive director Michael Casey, who reported a “very amicable discussion” in an interview shortly after the meeting.
    The agency is in the midst of developing a new five-year plan that has energized membership, he added, and has discussed with overseas groups espousing immoral issues ways to find a common understanding.
    “There has to be a very concrete awareness of our Catholic identity,” he said. “Catholic principles have to be central to the relationship.”

  3. The money quote:

    “…the agency must distance itself from any partners whose abortion advocacy.”

    But if everything was just swell, why would this be necessary, Mr. McGuire? Why is the bishop making such a statement?

    You do realize what this means to Development & Peace, don’t you Paul?

    Provided the bishop is serious about this statement, you can kiss away 90% of the marxists that D&P sponsors (which itself constitutes a vast majority of your clientele), since the vast majority of them – being true to the Communist Manifesto – are pro-abort.

  4. That would be correct, Susan.


    But you really shouldn’t be too shocked.

    Mr. McGuire’s political and moral sensibilities line up exactly with the vast majority of school boards and their employees right across this province.

    That is why, Susan, the “Catholic” School System is not too far from being consolidated into the public board.

    Now you know why, in part, D&P is involved in the school boards.

    All of this, however, is coming to an end. Finally.

  5. To understand where all this is going and how long it has been going on, may I recommend tuning in to Fox
    News at 5 p.m.

    Glen Beck has been doing an outstanding job of tracing the beginnings of Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Liberals, Democrats (all the same values). Even the Republicans (in U.S) and Conservatives (in Canada) have progressives in their midst. That is why we get the same thing no matter who is in power. Tune in to
    FOX – not perfect but best I have come across.

    Right now I am very happy I am a Canadian. God bless
    Harper. Again, not perfect, but best he can do at the moment.

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