A Political Opportunity

So the Conservatives are falling fast in the polls. Canadians finally have a reason not to vote Conservative.  During the past three elections, Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party have highlighted the deficiencies in the Liberal Party in order to get elected. First with the sponsorship scandal and then with the Easter Bunny himself, Stephane Dion.  But they have never given Canadians a reason to vote for the Party instead of simply against the Liberals. 

Now all that has changed with Michael Ignatieff. 

There is no more punching bag and the Conservative ad campaign to target Ignatieff’s residency in the U.S. is going to flop big time.  Instead of proposing some actual conservative policies, they are going to waste donations to “the Conservative Fund” on trying to convince Canadians about how awful it is that Michael Ignatieff is really — wait for it — a liberal American.  That’s what the backroom boys think is going to return the CPC to power again.  Pretty lame, no?

Harper, himself, has already mused that he “might lose his job” in the near future.  He can read the writing on the wall.

For the Conservative Party to be returned to power, they need to reinvigorate their base.  This means they need to appeal to the libertarian and social conservative elements within it if they are to have any chance at winning.  Without these two pillars, they are going to lose the next election.  If Harper only wants to be a hair to the right of the Liberal Party, this is simply not going to cut it with conservatives. We’ll just stay home and let the cards fall where they may.

There are many social conservatives who have never voted for the Conservative Party because they see it, in many respects, to be even worse than the Liberal Party. Harper’s government has even squashed even modest attempts at introducing pro-life legislation regarding violent criminals attacking pregnant women.  That move, coupled with his general “Mr. Muzzle” approach to governing, has earned him few friends in the pro-life movement.  He has a paranoia about the issue of abortion, wrongly believing that if he were to concede even a tiny bit on this issue, he would lose.

But that, of course, is a lie.

The polls have consistently showed that Canadians do not approve of the status quo on abortion on demand in this country.  They have consistently showed through the years that two-thirds of Canadians want some restrictions on abortion.  (See Environics Poll – October, 2005, Environics Poll – October, 2006, Environics Poll – October, 2007, Environics Poll – October, 2008).  But still, the government won’t touch this issue with a 10-foot pole.  And year after year, our country dies a little more.

In fact, whenever pro-abort forces faces off against concerned Canadians, they are resoundly defeated both in informal competitions and even ones hosted by the liberal media itself.

Abortion clinics in Canada flaunt their late term abortion services (up to 23 weeks), all the while refusing to acknowledge the humanity of a child even at 20 weeks.  And if the pregnancy is over 24 weeks, we ship our sisters and daughters to Wichita, Kansas for the “procedure”, on the taxpayer’s dime no less.

While our politicians and judges either mouth platitudes of opposition, or work actively to ensure this deadly sacrifice continues year after year and decade after decade, the cry of the innocents goes unheard.  It’s the silent scream that we would rather not hear.  Natural justice is denied to the most defenseless human being in the most dangerous place to be in Canada: a mother’s womb. Every societal indicator of a healthy society has shown that Canada is a social disaster zone.  Abortion rates continue to skyrocket, as does family breakdown, drug abuse, violence, addiction to pornography, and every sort of social malady imaginable.

And while Canada continues to disintegrate, the media pundits and the politicians promote foolish and idiotic solutions to the nation’s problems while willfully ignoring the real reason why Canada is destroying itself. Do we not have eyes to see what is happening to Canada today?  Are we so blinded by our decadence and selfishness that we will let ourselves descend into the basest depravity before we are thoroughly destroyed as a country; where even now our basic civil rights and freedoms are being threatened because we refuse to rear our own children and pass down our traditions? 

Yesterday, 12,000 Canadians showed up on Parliament Hill in the rain and strong wind.  They represent millions of Canadians across this country who are ready and willing to work for, donate to, and vote for a Party and a leader who will give them a ray of hope on this issue.  And yet, the Party which is supposed to be protecting our traditions as Canadians and protecting our way of life is, in point of fact, destroying our country by destroying our future, the unborn children of this country.  We’ve been mortgaging our future for the sake of a false freedom, but as with all bad mortgages, the time to pay up is quickly approaching.  

If the Conservative Party wants a chance at staying in power, it had better start distinguishing itself from the Liberal Party on fiscal and social issues.  For once, Canadians want a clear choice.  We want an ideological choice, not a pragmatic one.

Scrap the “Michael Ignatieff spent a lot of time in the US” card, guys, and get real.  Start playing the game on our turf:

1. Pass the Unborn Victims of Crime Bill.

2. Scrap the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

3. Cut significant income taxes for families.

If the Conservative Party of Canada wants to stay in power, it should start acting like a Conservative Party.  They should be the Party of natural justice and Canadian families.

5 thoughts on “A Political Opportunity

  1. He could learn a thing or two about campaigns by looking south.

    McCain and the Republicans attacked Obama and the Democrats and offered very little concerning what the Republicans were about.

    The Democrats offered vacuous change and hope, and some fimr promises. (which of course they have abandoned) and they spent much less time focusing on attacking the Republicans.

    There is an old adage in Show Business that “Any Press is Good Press”. The more your name is heard, regardless of the connotations, the better.

    If the Liberals run 1,000 ads saying “Vote Liberal”, and the Conservatives run 1,000 ads saying “Don’t Vote Liberal”, the words “Vote Liberal” are heard 2,000 times, and the word Conservative is heard 0 times.


    Psalm 16:4
    …Nor will I take their names upon my lips.

  2. Ideological based voting has been damaging this country for far too long. To advocate a return to (or continuance of) this cock-eyed approach is to ignore the rights and freedoms of millions of Canadians. Speaking as one of those millions whose rights have been oppressed for years, I say “Yes!” to any Conservative Party misstep that will take them out of the driver’s seat as far as making policy that affects my life.

  3. Hi Steve

    Could you be specific as to what:
    1) rights
    2) freedoms
    3) millions of Canadians

    If you don’t reveal what “group” you identify with, nor what supposed “rights” and “freedoms have presumably been “ignored” or “oppressed”, then how do you expect anyone to address your concerns?

    Step up my boy.

  4. I encourage you to check out the House of Commons web site. There you will find the reason the Human Rights Commission, Sect. 13, the vote concerning violence against women and their unborn, etc. all failed. In each case the Conservatives supported these issues. BUT THEY ARE A MINORITY GOVERNMENT and the NDPs, Liberals and Bloc all voted AGAINST them. Guess what–the bills don’t pass. I suggest that each person with convictions about the rights of the unborn lobby their local MP, no matter what political stripe and continue to raise awareness. But please don’t paint the Conservatives with the same brush as the opposition parties. They are not the same. It is in the NDP’s platform that any province who doesn’t provide abortion on demand should not get their transfer payments from Ottawa for health-care! Big difference!

  5. One cannot deny that the Harper Conservatives have disappointed and frustrated the (possibly unrealistic ?) aspirations of our So-Con community. However, a minority, and even sometimes a majority government can do only so much.
    Think back to the bad old days of Martin and Chretien and Turner !
    At leat the Tories stopped the constant negative wave of judicial appointments, pro-sodomite legislation, etc. that was inundating this fair land.
    Tories may not be perfect, BUT the alternatives are worse!

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