A Plan for Lent

Try this to kick-start your spiritual growth this Lent:

  1. Pick one vice you struggle with. Just one.
  2. Identify the opposite virtue (e.g. selfishness/generosity).
  3. Each day, endeavour to fight that vice and practice that virtue.
  4. Write down the vice/virtue in several places (fridge, desk, screensaver, wallpaper).
  5. Whenever you see it, say a prayer and renew your effort.
  6. Each night, review how well you did that day. Give thanks for the successes and ask pardon for the failures.
  7. Each Sunday of Lent, assess if you’ve made progress from the previous week.

The spiritual masters recommend tackling one vice at a time.

We’re wasting our time when we try to tackle them all at once.

Try this plan and watch God work!

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