4 thoughts on “A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

  1. These morally bankrupt politicians have given us Politically Correct Relativism by decree. Only tyrants impose their values on society starting with school children by court enforcement. Reminds one of the Hitler youth brainwashed through the education establishments with the help of the popular media. At that time Germany was the most educated country in the west .

  2. In a democracy the citizens are responsible for the laws of the land. In 2008 concerned citizens forced Parliament to raise the age of sex consent thereby changing rotten Legislation and Supreme Court Law, whereby consenting Canadian children were legally being sexually exploited by perverts. To many people who call themselves Christians are absent without leave in The Culture War that has been raging for decades in Canada. If these sleeping would wake up and help us we could win this Culture War that is raging for the minds and souls of our society. Many agnostics who helped us in 2008 could not stand these phonies who do not help us, and keep as far away from them as the can. They did trust Tom Landers and his friends who organized people across our land to put an end to this evil Legislation and Supreme Court Law. It is so sad that to many people who call themselves Christians vote for Christs enemies and bring in bad legislation and law. Like Tom said we can win this Culture War if we can convince most of the people to help us as we did in 2008.

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