A nuclear deterrent for the Synod?

Last week, Cardinal Burke urged that the hot-button issues of communion for the re-married and homosexuality be dropped from the Synod. Kudos to him.

I think somebody should go one step further. Somebody should raise the specter of faithful bishops and cardinals making an early exit from next year’s Synod if the same type of machinations occur.

Here’s the deal. The bishops and cardinals are being summoned to a synod. Not a political convention. Not a heretic-fest. Not a hijacking. Not a dissent-a-palooza. Last October, we witnessed some serious manipulation and ill-will. It wasn’t as much a synod as an attempted coup by radical dissenters who tried to use the presence of so many prelates as a backdrop to provide legitimacy and a rubber stamp to a manifest error.

If a synod degenerates into something nefarious, if it ceases being a synod, then the requirement to say is questionable. One can also seriously question the wisdom for a faithful prelate of staying. If you stick around and vote down any heretical paragraphs, you still lose, as we saw in October.

1. By participating and voting, you legitimize the process.

2. Even if you vote down some paragraphs, they magically make their way into the final document regardless. So what’s the point?

3. The media still get two weeks of communal orgasm, broadcasting to the world all the errors put forth by the heretics while minimizing the faithful voices.

Where’s the upside to staying in such a circus?

To me it makes more sense to walk out, emphasizing that you’re still in communion with the Pope and the Church, but that the assembly you’re leaving is not. You explain that you don’t want to be associated with a manipulated and corrupt process. If you walk out en masse, the process falls apart. Any vote or document becomes illegitimate and meaningless. The manipulators who organized the process fall on the defensive, having no more time to worship +Kasper because they’re in full-time damage control. The media story ceases being about Kasperism and suddenly becomes about the shock and awe of seeing all these prelates leaving. Suddenly the media has no choice but to put a mike in front of the walkers to hear why they’re leaving. Now you have a platform and a captive audience. The whole narrative gets turned on its head.

The prospect of such a move could serve as a deterrent to the dissenters. Some courageous prelate needs to publicly plant that idea to keep the process more honest.

Would this constitute disobedience towards the Holy Father? I don’t think so. First of all, I don’t know if prelates are ordered to attend or merely invited. Second, as I said above, if the gathering ceases being a synod and is replaced with a Church revolution, then one could argue that it’s not merely acceptable to leave, but it might be a prelate’s duty.

3 thoughts on “A nuclear deterrent for the Synod?

  1. According to cardinal Burke and the likes of him there is only gloom and doom for these people and there is no salvation for them, very sad… If Jesus was here he would have not acted any different from what Pope Francis is doing ..He is at least trying to find an solution…Jesus’ whole purpose of being here was to save only sinners.. not the righteous… Pope Calistus gave communion to those who committed adultery etc…by using the ‘the what is unbound in earth is also unbound in heaven’ am guessing every Pope has the authority to do so.. Basically Cardinal Burke wants Pope Francis to do what pleases him and not to help souls that are in total despair for salvation…and am so Glad that Pope Francis has got the gift of Mercy and compassion cos everyone does not possess it.

    Excerpts: St. Fautina’s Dairy – I have noticed many times that God tries certain people on account of those things about which He spoke to me, for mistrust displeases Jesus. Once, when I saw that God had tried a certain Archbishop [Jalbrzykowski] because he was opposed to the cause and distrustful of it, I felt sorry for him and pleaded with God for him, and God relieved his suffering. God is very displeased with lack of trust in Him, and this is why some souls lose many graces. Distrust (59) hurts His most sweet Heart, which is full of goodness and incomprehensible love for us. A priest should sometimes be distrustful in order to better ascertain the genuineness of gifts bestowed on a given soul; and when he does so IN ORDER TO DIRECT THE SOUL TO DEEPER UNION WITH GOD, his will be a great and incomprehensible reward indeed. But there is a great difference between this and disrespect and distrust of divine graces in a soul simply because one cannot comprehend and penetrate these things with one‟s mind, and this latter is displeasing to the Lord. I greatly pity souls who encounter inexperienced priests. (166)

  2. And by the way..Jesus in his whole lifetime he never ever judged sinners.. he only judged and rebuked the pharisees for their ‘holier than attitude’ & hypocrisy

    • Frances, there’s just no way the Church could ever approve of communion for the divorced and remarried. It’s not about condemning anybody, but rather a great act of charity to point out that they are on the wrong path and need to live the life Christ asked to live.

      Did Jesus tell the woman caught in adultery to simply go ahead and keep doing it because it was no big deal? Of course not. He said “Go and SIN NO MORE.” That’s what +Burke is trying to do. +Kasper and friends are instead saying “Go and keep sinning, it’s no big deal.” Big mistake.

      The divorced have a difficult time, but it’s better to struggle for a few years here than suffer inifinitely forever in eternity.

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