A New Sockpuppet

I’ve now heard from several sources that Chretien-era spin-doctor Warren Kinsella has been offering his services as the chap to write the 5,000-word “response” when the British Columbia “Human Rights” Tribunal orders Maclean’s to run it.

This will certainly be tough on Maclean’s readers, but on the other hand it would establish the important legal precedent that no Canadian publication can run a Warren Kinsella piece until ordered to do so by a “human rights” tribunal. (Steyn Online)

Like this was a surprise, eh?  I see things are really desperate for Barney Rubble these days. He can’t get anyone to print his stuff voluntarily, so the HRCs will have to be his gravy train ticket to ensure that “responsible journalism” wins our hearts and minds through the HRC jackboot.

Wait a minute though, what happened to the sockpuppets? Are they now out of a job? Is Barney Rubble the lead sockpuppet now?

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