A New Phase of Ecumenical Relations

An openly homosexual United Church minister from Vancouver was elected as the 41st moderator of the United Church of Canada at the Protestant denomination’s General Council meeting held at Ottawa’s Carleton University last week….(Source)

Two things here….

1) When Jack Layton died, the CCCB were tripping all over themselves in eulogizing his accomplishments, all the while ignoring his public positions in favour of sodomy and baby-killing.  That’s what the “political protocol” is.  Now that one of their Ecumenical partners has a new leader, is it not protocol for the CCCB to issue its “ecumenical congratulations” to the new Moderator?  I don’t see any announcement on their website.  Why not?

2) Related to this new development, we should ask what exactly is the future of “Ecumenism” as it is currently practiced in the Catholic Church?  Ecumenism as it is practiced today is the antithesis to evangelization because it does not really challenge the errors of false religion.  Like the West’s detente with Communism of the past, modern day Ecumenism represents the perpetual toleration of error and its consequent rot,  in favour of focusing instead on the issues where both religions are in agreement.  It’s a relationship that can be described best by the colloquial slogan:  “I’m OK. You’re OK.”  The only real successes in Ecumenism have come by going against how official ecumenism is practiced. i.e. Pope Benedict XVI finally undercutting the official ecumenists’ perpetual dialogue with the Anglicans.

Since Vatican II, this milk-toast approach has been a disaster in almost every conceivable area of Church life:  liturgical, doctrinal, and moral.  Little good, if any, has come out of it.  In the past 40+ years, we’ve gone from contraception being banned in the West to Sodomy not only being acknowledged as a “right”, but even its opponents being persecuted and prosecuted by the “Human Rights” establishment.  Much of the blame in the destruction of our social fabric has to be placed squarely on the Ecumenist’s door-step.  (Ecumenism is the next door neighbour of Social Justice.  You may have figured out by now that they all live in the same neighbourhood.)  Ecumenism and Social Justice offered a one-two combination that has almost completely vitiated Catholic identity.

Just how far can ecumenical dialogue continue with religions and “social justice” organizations which have diametrically opposing views to the Catholic Faith?  Does there not come a point where “detente dialogue” ends and a robust evangelization and healthy confrontation begins?

This is another reason why a conference on Vatican II is necessary.

3 thoughts on “A New Phase of Ecumenical Relations

  1. Why may I ask, is the CCCB wsting their time with the United Church, aka the NDP at prayer? An organization that opposes every single moral teaching of the RCC? In fact. a recent survey i saw said that United Church members are MORE likely than average Canadians to support abortion, so-called same sex “marriage” and euthanasia etc….
    why may i ask, do they STILL refuse to dialogue with conservative evangelicals who are more supportive of Catholic moral teaching than most Catholics? “Catholics” within the church can do more harm than non catholics from without. And some of the guys with the pointy hats are a big part of the problem.

  2. Neal, members of the United church are what you would call small “L” liberals. They are welcoming of ALL people. They will marry same sex couples IN THE CHURCH!

    Catholics are not what You would call welcoming…

  3. That’s right. We are what you would call “Faithful” and welcoming to those who wish to follow the Lord. Not everyone who advocates for every sort of sin is welcome in heaven. Take it up with Jesus and St. Paul.

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