A New Movement of Catholic Men Needed

Folks, as you can read with my link below about the Bank of Montreal, we are now sitting ducks as Christians in Canada. Do not deceive yourselves into believing this is an isolated attack because it’s not. The Gay Jackboot, which is totalitarian in substance, will eventually press down on every professing Christian’s neck…at least the one’s who won’t bend their knee to this tyranny. I am more and more convinced it.

I am also convinced that the only way to turn this around is for Catholic Men to get their act together and fight. That means we need to change how we live and how we engage the culture in this battle. It means a radical change in how we pray, work, eat, sleep, and act. And we need to do it as an army too. We need discipline, prayer, and most importantly, brotherhood. We can’t fight this as individuals. We need a new Catholic movement of men to fight. And we need to grow it…fast. That’s the only way we’re gonna win this. It’s the only way.

Bank of Montreal & The Gay Jackboot – Stop the all-out assault by the Bank of Montreal on Christians…tell them to back off.

2 thoughts on “A New Movement of Catholic Men Needed

  1. Totalitarian Countries practice in brainwashing their citizens,starting in the schools, etc.,from Kindergarten to University. All Communist and so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan countries do this. They rewrite the textbooks to fit their ideology,by misrepresenting the facts. This socially engineers the society against The Totalitarian States Political Opponents.This is going on today in our so-called “neutral” Democratic Secular Pagan Western Civilization.

    In Christian Canada and The West we thought that schools above all ought to be engaged in the pursuit, and discussion of the truth.School teachers led their students in The Lord’s Prayer,and The Ten Commandments were on Government House,Court House and School House Walls ,and in the majorities hearts and minds.

    Then so-called “neutral” Secularism imposed by Western Governments and Courts as Constitutional starting in 1962 in Western Government Establishments, Law Establishments and Education Establishments with so-called “neutral” Secular Politically Correct ideology brought our society here. Secular Pagan ideology is in no way neutral.Children are today indoctrinated in the evil tenets of so-called neutral Secular Paganism in Canadian and Western Schools,by adult teachers and homosexual etc., activists as legalized secular human rights from Kindergarten.Their so-called neutral Secular argument being that some Kindergarteners may be born Homosexual etc.,therefore all children will be now indoctrinated by normalization and reinforcement of homoexuality etc.,by adult school teachers and homosexual etc., activists from Kindergarten to University.Heterosexuals reproduce,but homosexuals being less than 2% of the population recruit even Kindergarteners to increase their numbers in so-called neutral Secular Pagan Countries today,as they did in Pagan Rome and Pagan Greece.Those who disagree with these tenets of neutral Secularism will be Tyrannized to the full extent of neutral Secular Law.

    In our Western Democracies our citizens political apathy,indifference and complacency has allowed this morbid indoctrination of our children in schools,by adult teachers and homosexual etc.,activists from Kindergarten to University ,as Secular human rights.What will these indoctrinated children in the so-called “neutral” tenets of Secularism go on to normalize in their professions?
    Only righteous citizens political organization ,unity, and political action can democratically correct this imposed Secular Democratic Tyranny. Our future is thus in the minds and hands of our righteous voting Democratic Canadian and Western Citizens.

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