A New Direction for Catholic Development & Aid

Unlike some fraudulent organizations posing as Catholic, Chalice is a real Catholic development and aid organization.  In fact, it even has a separate website devoted to prayer. You can check it out here.  (Imagine that! A Catholic relief agency devoted to the spiritual component of charity, instead of the dead letter of liberation theology and theological marxism).

You should check out their Annual report here.  You’ll read about a lot of inspiring things Chalice is doing.  In fact, right at the beginning of the report, they tell us a little bit about their values. The first value is:

“We are rooted in Catholic social teaching that affirm the sacredness of human life….”

This declaration sets the tone for the remainder of the annual report and, as you read the report, you can see why the activities of Chalice are reflective of its values. It’s very inspiring. 

On the other hand, we can contrast the activities listed in Chalice’s annual report with the one put out by Development & Peace last year.  The contrast could not be more stark. 

The other great thing about Chalice is that it is primarily a sponsorship charity whereby its donors are aligned with a child or an elderly person.  This helps create communion and personal bonding with the person who is the recipient of your charitable giving. You’re not giving it to some church bureaucrat who will dutifully forward it on to some communist, feminist skank whose life mission it is to push for abortion in a third world country.  Rather, your giving remains accountable and directed to where it should go. 

Since the Haitian disaster, Catholics have started to take notice of Chalice:

Over this last week, Chalice has received many calls, e-mails and written requests with questions and concerns for their sponsored child, family, our Sponsor Sites and Haitian communities. We thank you for your prayers and share your concern for our family members.  In order to provide better support services and communications we have put together a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) with answers to assist you. These can be accessed by clicking here. In addition we are endeavoring to update the News Board on the status every two days from our Sites so please do check back frequently.  You can access further information and previous News Releases here.

Socon or Bust is proud to have highlighted the good work Chalice has been doing.  We will continue to emphasize the distinctions between this fine organization and the one which funds pro-abortion groups in the Global South.

We also hope and pray that the Bishops of this country understand that the writing is on the wall regarding their laissez-faire attitude to “social justice”.

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