A “Negative Economic Unit” Under Obamacare

Doctor C.L. Gray and his Physicians for Reform group tell us of the horror story of Oregon’s government run healthcare plan that offered a cancer patient named Barbara all the suicide assisted funding she wanted, but not one penny for the medical care that could save her life.

As Doctor Gray put it, Barbara was no longer thought of by government as a patient but instead had become a “negative economic unit.” Oregon’s government run healthcare system wanted Barbara dead because keeping her alive was simply to costly..

It’s bad enough that a handful of states have taken up these uncaring, cut-rate medical plans, but at least patients in Oregon of Massachusetts can go to another state to find the proper care. But once Obamacare becomes a nationwide plague, there simply won’t be any other place to go.

If you want a government that feels that assisted suicide is better because it’s cheaper, then a vote for Obamacare is just the ticket. But if you want a system that cares about patients, then keeping government out of healthcare is what you want.  (Source)

Under Obamacare, the push will be to cut costs. And they’ll do it by providing these early bird  “check out”  incentives.


3 thoughts on “A “Negative Economic Unit” Under Obamacare

  1. While there is no doubt this is a horrible story, under the private insurance system, 22,000 people die every year because they cannot get treatment. 1/5th of the American population is un-insured. If any one of those 50 million people would have tried to get the care they need they would have been denied just like this women.

    My friend, who has breast cancer, is one of those people. She cannot afford to pay the bills so no one will treat her. She is going to die because of this. I started a website to talk about how we can save lives with universal health care: http://www.savingamericanlives.org Please read through the facts presented.

    I am a Catholic, and oppose abortion, but the infant mortality rate in america is 2.1 million children born who die before they reach age one. That is almost double the abortion rate (1.3 million/year), adding up to more than 1% of the United States population dying before their first birthday each and every year.

    Our health care system need to provide care, not just provide profit for insurance CEOs.

  2. After the Second World War, the Nuremborg Trials of War Crimminals indicted Nazi leaders for ” encouraging and compelling abortions,” which it considered a “crime against humanity.” Since then our Darwinian Humanist Atheist universities where our politicians, judges, fellow citizens and Catholics are educated have taken God out of our culture. They have separated the people from Christ to the religion of Darwinian Humanism. They have made a mockery of The Consitution of the United States. Without God in the center of our civilization atrocities will continue.

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