An Abortion Conspiracy Against Canada

I’d like to make this humble request that Canadians from coast to coast consider boycotting Canada Day celebrations this year because of the disgraceful and outrageous act of awarding the Order of Canada to the notorious abortionist and baby killer, Henry Morgentaler.  

The Governor General, Michaëlle Jean, and our Chief Supreme Court Justice, Beverly McLachlin, along with others of the pro-abort cabal have allegedly conspired against any sort of procedural fairness and defied the convention of selecting the recipients of the Order of Country on an unanimous basis.  Instead, they made a fraudulent exceptionist for Morgentaller and voted him the award on a  simple majority basis.  They have disgraced our nation by further separating and alienating Canadians from one another by awarding the Order of Canada to a man who has been responsible for the mass murder of the most defenseless Canadians for the past forty years. It is a national disgrace of epic proportions.

Aside from the inexcusable selection of Morgentaler, what is even more disturbing was the complete undercover operation of his selection.  By refusing Canadians the right to debate such a controversial choice well beforehand, it is clear that we have lost any sort of trust or respect we should have for our appointed leaders.  It is very apparent that those responsible for this atrocity knew full well that Morgentaler’s selection would have resulted in a highly antagonistic, partisan, and acrimonious debate, and there would not have been the political momentum to allow him to receive the award. Rather than risk this possibility, this Star Chamber, who is unconcerned with the overwhelming rejection of Morgentaler as a national hero (see Globe & Mail Poll here), decided to arrogantly change the rules in mid-flight and award him national hero’s status on behalf of ALL the citizens of Canada.

We must spread the word concerning this insult to the existing members of the Order of Canada who are either pro-life or have the common decency to understand the divisive nature of awarding the Order to a notorious and unrepentant abortionist.  It is my hope that, even now, enough public pressure can be summoned to reverse this provocative and violent decision.  In the event that this “ceremony” goes ahead, we must encourage past recipients to turn in their Award for the sake of either the unborn or basic decency itself.

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