A million kids living in poverty thanks to the sexual devolution

TORONTO — Almost a decade after the deadline by which the House of Commons was unanimously resolved to eliminate child poverty, Statistics Canada says there are still almost 900,000 children living in the poorest of homes.

The latest census numbers released Thursday show that an estimated 879,955 Canadian children are living in low-income households, and that more than a third of these deprived children are in the care of single mothers…(Source)

Uh huh.  And the government is supposed to fix this through some foolish government program? Give me a break.

Where. are. the. fathers? 

Where is the traditional family? Under the social liberal jackboot somewhere, buried in some feel good community center project.

What a farce.  All because they simply won’t admit that uninhibited sex has lethal consequences for our society.

Keep going guys. The titantic – she’s a sinking fast.

One thought on “A million kids living in poverty thanks to the sexual devolution

  1. Stamp out child poverty!! Stay married and get married before
    having children. Why do our schools encourage youngsters to
    experiment with sex at such an early age? More jobs for social
    workers and poverty pimps. The womens lib movement has also
    encouraged girls to have as much sex as they can. The highly
    educated in this country seem to lack common sense. Our grand-
    mothers seemed to have their priorities straight and we all benefitted
    from that.

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