A majority of highly-educated moms prefer home child care by a parent

The Institute for Marriage and Family, an excellent research organization based in Ottawa, has been releasing results of an extensive survey they undertook regarding Canadians’ attitudes towards child care.  They found that  76% of Canadians believe it is best for children under six to be cared for at home by a parent. I found that survey result quite surprising considering how liberal Canada has become. Clearly, politicians pushing daycare as a mantra for kids are out of touch with Canadians.

Last week, they released more survey results that shocked me. Among Canadians with a university degree, 68% still prefer children under six to be cared for at home by a parent.

What’s more, among women with a post-graduate degree, i.e. they’ve done a Master’s, a PhD or post-doc studies, the majority still prefer home care (54%).

That’s simply amazing. These are likely the most career-minded women in Canada and who have invested the most heavily towards a career. Yet, the majority still prefers home care by a parent over daycare. Wow.

That makes you wonder: who’s driving the push for universal daycare? It must be a ridiculously minute interest group.

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