‘A Lie’ To Support Development & Peace

As reported by LifeSite News and blogged by Steve G hereDevelopment and Peace pulled a stunt that is even surprising for them.  They blocked a federal access to information request by LifeSite News to reveal funding information of their partners.  The excuse was…wait for it now…

Many Development and Peace partners are human rights organizations under constant threat either from government or other political and military actors, said Fortin. Development and Peace did not wish to reveal information that might lead to kidnappings, assassinations or terrorist attacks, she said. (Source)

So Development and Peace has requests filed against them for information filed under the Access to Information Act on a regular basis?   Oh pulease. This is likely the first one – ever.   

Be that as it may, now that Development and Peace knows who is asking, will they supply the information as requested?  If they are so eager to be transparent, then they should supply the information now.   But, of course, we all know that won’t happen because, you know, LifeSite is, according to D&P, “associated with groups that use violence“.  Totally understandable. 

Folks, don’t hold your breath in waiting for the information, and really, it’s pretty moot at this point anyway.  The legitimacy and morality of Development and Peace’s abortion-group funding practices will get decided one way or another at the Bishop’s Plenary Session, Oct.25-29 in Cornwall.  If the Bishops don’t get it right, they will end up alienating the pro-life activists within the Church, and the consequences could be severe and far-reaching. 

First of all, the credibility of the bishops on Life issues is on the line. They can’t mouth pro-life platitudes while simultaneously sending cash to the abortion-pushers.  There are consequences to holding to such a view.  How can the Faithful trust them if they don’t take severe action against the management activities of Development and Peace? They can’t have it both ways.

Secondly, what’s Development and Peace’s median membership age?  Pushing 70? 75?  And what is the Pro-Life constituency median age?  19?  Even if you weren’t particularly interested in the pro-life cause as a bishop, presumably you can count, and know where the future is going.  Development and Peace is dying because their membership and their ideology is dying, and there is no replenishment either.

And thirdly, I want to cite a portion of Archbishop Chaput’s editorial entitled Health Care and The Common Good” which appeared in the Denver Catholic Register on August 26, 2009.  In the editorial, the Archbishop talks about how the Common Good has been perverted in order to justify abortion in the American health care debate.  His comment is also particularly instructive on the D&P abortion-group funding question which the Canadian bishops must confront. This is the money quote (emphasis mine):

No system that allows or helps fund – no matter how subtly or indirectly — the killing of unborn children, or discrimination against the elderly and persons with special needs, can bill itself as “common ground.” Doing so is a lie.


2 thoughts on “‘A Lie’ To Support Development & Peace

  1. Amen brother. Let the priests know how you feel and that the envelope for D & P should be removed from the offering envelopes.

  2. It’s probably hard to actually fund peace while simultaneously helping to kill human life, you know, just a lay person thinking it through here.

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